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about my mother?

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SlartyBartFast Wed 15-Jul-09 10:32:10

she is taking ds to london for day at weekend to meet relatives who live abroad.

she about twice yearly takes one of my dcs up to london for some form of treat.

she always brings them back and goes home,
this time she wants me to pick up ds from station so she doesnt have to come back to my house, with the relatives.
one relative comes over annually and has never been to my house, has been to my village to collect dc's from school, but never ventured to my house.
it is a small house. small garden. not a shiney new pin but not terribly messy,imo

she has taken relative to my sisters much larger house, miles and miles away, but never here.
aibu to think she is ashamed of my house
or is she being reasonably to think she will be especially tired that she cannot drop ds home.
any opinions?

somewhathorrified Wed 15-Jul-09 10:34:44

Sounds like a dumb question but have you actually invited your relatives to come by for a cuppa?

SlartyBartFast Wed 15-Jul-09 10:39:23

my mum just asked me to pick up and i said oh but we would like to see relatives

SlartyBartFast Wed 15-Jul-09 10:40:29

i spose without askign outright i will never know, it is feasible she will be too tired, particularly as she has relatives to entertain and cook for once she gets home, whereas she normally just has herself.

ginnny Wed 15-Jul-09 10:52:14

Well why don't you suggest that you cook them all something so that your Mum doesn't have to worry when they all get home?
That way you get to see your relatives and your Mum has an easier evening.

Jux Wed 15-Jul-09 10:55:17

I think she's expecting to be knackered and from what you say, she'll still have loads to do once she gets to her house.

You could invite them all for a cuppa and supper, which would lighten her load a great deal.

SlartyBartFast Wed 15-Jul-09 10:55:59

well that's a good idea smile

i shoudl do that.

SlartyBartFast Wed 15-Jul-09 11:03:11

sigh, i know she wont want to though, she will want to get home and have a large glass of something.
oh well.
i will offer

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