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to start bulk buying tinned food - swine flu panic

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BigMomma3 Tue 14-Jul-09 19:39:10

Probably am and never normally buy many tins nor do I really have any spare cash to spend (was trying not to stock up the food cupboards too much cos we go away for 3 weeks next week) but I have a compulsion to go the and clear out the suppermarket of tinned goods, bottled water and batteries tomorrow grin, oh and to fill up petrol cans with spare petrol.

FGS I wish I had'nt watched that Survivors series (about a virus that virtually wiped out most of the country) that was on BBC1 a few months ago with what's going on now.

Come and give me a virtual slap and tell me not to waste our holiday spending money!!

BigMomma3 Tue 14-Jul-09 19:40:49

Oops meant 'to go and clear out the supermarket of course. Forgot to add multi vits and Complan to my shopping list, oh and powdered milk (yuk).

karala Tue 14-Jul-09 19:42:52

don't waste your money. Really. Don't. There will always be enough food.

EccentricaGallumbitAvecAccent Tue 14-Jul-09 19:49:14

when If you get pig flu you won't feel like eating.

BCNS Tue 14-Jul-09 19:50:59

Don't worry about it.. just make sure you have enough paracetamol etc.

if you need extra things just online shop.

we have the good ole swine flu here in the home.. not a major issue as of yet.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Tue 14-Jul-09 19:51:42

Multi vits big waste of money. Complan disgusting. Batteries and petrol deranged. Buy a few extra tins of baked beans.

MissyBellatrix Tue 14-Jul-09 19:52:29

You've watched too much TV!

If the virus got so bad that you had to survive exclusively on tinned food and bottled water etc (in a "Where the Wind Blows/I am Legend" kinda way), then you wouldn't survive too long past the swine flu epidemic anyway because most doctors, nurses etc would have succumbed, plus the refuse collectors and sewer plant treatment workers etc - so the place would be infested with rats and other diseases within no time anyway.

Hence a) it won't happen anyway and b) even if it did you might as well pop off along with everyone else than linger on your own then get bitten by a plagued rat.

That make you feel better? grin

VousFaireVousPeutAvecUneChevre Tue 14-Jul-09 19:52:51

buy lots and lots of battenburg, wouldn't that be great?

LadyGlencoraPalliser Tue 14-Jul-09 19:54:25

Thanks for that Missy. Bet that's made the OP feel loads better.grin

MissyBellatrix Tue 14-Jul-09 19:57:29

Well. y'know, just projecting along the theme...!

I have a vivid imagination.

JohnDory Tue 14-Jul-09 19:59:13


squeakywheel Tue 14-Jul-09 21:24:21

Don't waste your holiday spending money on all of that. Do have at least a couple of weeks worth of food and essentials in in case you can't go out due to illness. Or I suppose in case there are temporary (not end of the world type) shortages later in the year due to lots of factory/supermarket/infrastructure workers temporarily going off sick all at once. That might happen. But don't go mad and do it all in a panic right this minute or think you have to plan for total social breakdown! And don't buy anything you wouldn't normally eat (except for a bit of longlife milk perhaps) because otherwise it will be a complete waste of money.

Make sure you have enough chocolate in, needless to say.

Morloth Tue 14-Jul-09 21:29:57

Zombie Plan Time!

junglist1 Tue 14-Jul-09 21:44:55

Missy, no!!! (hyperventilates into paper bag)

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 14-Jul-09 22:01:46

Message withdrawn

BOFwithagallicshrug Tue 14-Jul-09 23:34:04

Are you cold?

thisweathersajoke Tue 14-Jul-09 23:39:50

OK - yeah perhaps the SF info is making people panic, but it is the panic that makes people buy more and the shops have to deal with this demand.

All I know is that my local supermarkets don't have the space to hold enough food without receiving deliveries for a couple of days (drivers get sick, shelf stackers, factory workersm, milk producers etc), especially as everyone in the town might stock up.

I have just got some of that vile long life milk and extra tins and plenty in the freezer, incase don;t want to go out....

you never know.

hmc Wed 15-Jul-09 00:01:31

I think you realise that you are being well OTT. Please carry on your live as normal!

hmc Wed 15-Jul-09 00:01:49

'life' I mean...

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