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to ignore this?

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allaboutme Tue 14-Jul-09 19:29:45

Have 2 DCs. I'd like more, DH wouldnt.
When we got together DH said he's like no kids or maybe 1. I said 3 or maybe 4. So 2 has been a pretty reasonable compromise.
Had big talks about it recently. DH insistent he will never change his mind about more. I said in that case he can have a vasectomy now then rather than waiting as no point.
He has seen GP and is waiting for appt through, had all preliminary blood tests etc.

Last night, got carried away and forgot the condom. He hasnt really mentioned it, apart from 'whoops, got carried away there, when was your last period?' afterwards. It was a couple of weeks ago, so no idea whether I'm likely to get pregnant or not really, probably not tbh.

No further mention at all.
I'm planning on just ignoring it. If I'm pregnant I will be happy. If I talk to him about it then we might start talking about the morning after pill and I wouldnt want to bring that up.

I'm probably playing with fire as if I did get pg it would be very stressful and hard work without his full support, BUT theres a part of me that thinks its his responsibity mostly as he's the one that doesnt want it to happen, plus he would come around to the idea if it was a reality rather than just a possibility in the future iyswim.

Obviously all theoretical as most likely nothing will come of it.... but you never know

What do you think?

Seabright Tue 14-Jul-09 19:34:39

I wouldn't mention it either. He could have discussed the morning after pill with you, but didn't. You both know the risks & he knows what happened.

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