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to want a remote control to last longer than 3 months?

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booyhoo Tue 14-Jul-09 18:18:06

i am cursed

every remote control i get disappears or breaks or falls or gets dropped in a cup of tea (3 remotes!!!) or just isnt compatible with the tv.

i cant keep up with them, most recent one got dropped in a cuppa and wont work now, so went to asda yest and bought a 2 device remote, and it doesnt bloody work with my telly. and you cant tell if theyre compatible til you open them at which point its to late to get your money back. so im changing channel using the buttons on side of tv, BUT... every time you change channel it takes 5 seconds before you can change again so when im on ch4 and ds wants cbeebies on ch 71 i end up putting a dvd on, and ds is on a madagascar phase. im sick of madagascar.

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