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Sunburnt ds1 on penultimate day of school

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iMum Mon 13-Jul-09 18:59:27

Ds1 is 7 in yr 2 there are 12 kids in his class.
Today, the last full day in school (they finish tomorrow at 12 for the summer) was the "house fun day" basically there are 4 houses and whichever house gets the most points through the year get taken out for the day at the end of year-normally to a theme park or something. The kids from the loosing houses stay at school and have a "fun Day" lots of outdoor activitys, bouncy castles and so on. There were requested to go in in their PE kit.

Ds1 went in pe kit, his sun hat is at school and he took in with him his suncream fully labelled-the same suncream he has taken in every sunny day.

Ds is a red head with pale pale skin, he has come hom sun burnt-not blistered but very red on his face, his neck where his pe top was undone and on his arms.

Im livid, and want to complain-what do you think, is it pointless as last day of term etc-should I put it in writing? or just verbally?

I was thinking of taking some piccies....

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 13-Jul-09 19:02:09

Did you cream him before he went to school?

LadyGlencoraPalliser Mon 13-Jul-09 19:04:26

Why are you livid with the school? If your DS had suncream with him, surely he was responsible for putting it on himself?

iMum Mon 13-Jul-09 19:04:58

Of course-for what good it does-to be effective it has to reapllied throughout the day.

iMum Mon 13-Jul-09 19:07:02

Im livid as I feel 7 is too young to remember all by himself to put cream on. I feel that there should have been points throughout the day where teachers instigated suncream application-even if the children applied it themselves.

iMum Mon 13-Jul-09 19:09:14

this is very interesting and points out that schools do indeed have quite a responsibility towards our children with regard to sun protection.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Mon 13-Jul-09 19:55:48

he's 7 years old! Of course school should take responsibility for topping up the suncream FFS. Poor DS. Complain in writing - they have to follow up and maybe can speak to the teachers responsibile to make sure it doesn't happen again.

iMum Mon 13-Jul-09 19:58:56

Thanks Kat, I was beginning to think I was BU!

iMum Mon 13-Jul-09 21:25:28

Have penned a snotty letter.

123andaway Mon 13-Jul-09 21:59:53

DD (6) came home from sports day 2 weeks ago with sunburn. She had gone in with cream and a hat, but hadn't managed to apply it properly. I was very angry.

morocco Mon 13-Jul-09 22:07:56

my son has similar skin and I put on the all day suncream every morning - wouldn't trust the school to do it - ours don't anyway. what's your school's policy on putting on suncream?

I want our governors (ahem, that's me) to look at a new policy of hats for all kids from april/may to september and plan to add it to the agenda if they'll let me so maybe you could write to the governors and request similar - the photos would back up your request.

SoupDragon Mon 13-Jul-09 22:13:40

It's horrid but it is not the school's fault.

Use one of the once-a-day creams. Soltan Once is extremely good. I use this for school days as it removes the need for the child to reapply it.

iMum Mon 13-Jul-09 22:34:29

Surely tho the school has a duty of care to its pupils-I really dont feel that I am BU but perhaps I am?

SoupDragon Mon 13-Jul-09 22:53:14

I don't think that duty of care extends to suncream.

Seriously, the Soltan once stuff is fabulous and perfect for the school day. Too late for now, but great for future.

iMum Tue 14-Jul-09 07:42:11

No-there is no legal obligation for teachers to apply suncream-but they can, when spending the day outside, make time available for the children to apply it, remind the children to etc.

The school does have a legal obligation to (under the health and safety act) keep my son safe and this extends to time spent in the sun.

simply letting children burn is not acceptable.

And thankyou for the recommendation re the Soltan.

purepurple Tue 14-Jul-09 07:53:24

I agree with your last post 100%
letting children burn is not acceptable

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