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Wii Fit

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KIMItheThreadSlayer Fri 10-Jul-09 20:52:10

So DH1 wins a Wii Fit and we set it up tonight and have a go, DCs think it is fab.

DH1 get on and is told he has the Wii age of 27 and is in great shape hmm he is 43 and his shape is round!!!!

I got on and am told I have the body of a 37 year old...well yes I am 37 and I am in good shape.

How can it say DH1 with a BMI the size of Cardiff has a younger and fitter Wii rating then me !!!!

AIBU to sulk now grin

ErikaMaye Fri 10-Jul-09 20:59:49

Go and sulk grin The messurements are incredably inaccuret (it told my seriously athletic 12 year old brother he was obease!!!) but its a great laugh!

worley Fri 10-Jul-09 21:05:51

lol DH1 how many DH's do you have?
my wiif fit gave me the age of about 60 something i think and i was 30 when we got it. it gave ds1 a age of 30 somethiing and he was 9 then! dont listen to it

becklespeckle Fri 10-Jul-09 21:17:09

grin my Wii fit does the same. What really offends me though is that even though my BMI is only a fraction above the absolute ideal of 22, it has given my Mii a fat arse! I am a bit pear shaped but how the hell does the Wii know that?!

KIMItheThreadSlayer Sat 11-Jul-09 08:12:29

Worly, I have DH1 (separated) and I have a new DP.

I still call DH1 DH1 because he is the father of my children and my best friend, I know I confuse people grin

I shall now call him bad names all because of the Wii Fit.

Although DS1 (I have 2 sons grin) played on it for 45 mins and it told him he had lost a pound smile so he was happy.

Do you think this sulk could include cookies?

LollipopViolet Sat 11-Jul-09 09:15:58

The Wii fit is highly inaccurate, and IMO (and from what I've read) shouldn't really be used by those under about 14? It gives false information and I'm sure I read on here about someone's dc feeling rather upset by what it told her.

My mii is a blob, but I'm going to the gym now and using proper scales to weigh myself. I'll go back to Wii Fit if I need a laugh.

KIMItheThreadSlayer Sat 11-Jul-09 09:19:22

It did get my weight right I have to give it that.

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