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to still feel like this?

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stillkissingfrogs Fri 10-Jul-09 00:28:30

Dh and i seperated about 5 months ago, it ended on ok terms and although there was alot of care still there we just couldnt get back the enjoyment love etc that we had had before however hard we tried. I have concentrated on mortgage job etc and ensuring kids are settled whilst he has gone back to single life with mates etc and has gone back to chatting up women and meeting up etc. i know it wasnt working and never would now however the mention or thought of him with someone else still cripples me with hurt! we were together for 9 years and i dont know if this is nomalor not im so confused!

TwoIfBySea Fri 10-Jul-09 00:31:30


It is normal.

And the unfairness of us getting lumbered with all the responsiblity while they skip off to enjoy life again can burn two years later. Like me.

However I don't feel hurt at the thought of him with his new bit (he moved in with his bit on the side and had her pregnant within months.) So therefore I shall allow someone else to offer you advise on that aspect.


stillkissingfrogs Fri 10-Jul-09 00:39:12

Thanks for your post, should have said i dont know if some of the hurt is as he now believes he is some kinda lethario and you just think well thanks for the respect and you are obviously so gutted we couldnt make it work - the man could a least greve!lol angry

Oligo Fri 10-Jul-09 01:24:56


you invested a lot of time+ in him. And he did in you- that will always be there for him too no matter what else happens in his life from now on. It might also hit him later at a more conscious level. Its bound to be strange for you cos he was always yours- even if you hated him now it would be odd.

Is it the really thought of him with someone else that upset you or that you don't have someone yourself right now?

stillkissingfrogs Fri 10-Jul-09 07:14:16

Im not sure tbh, think the thought of him feels odd (well him being with someone else that is) and to be quite honest i dont know sometimes if its because i havent even looked!lol but then i have the fulltime job, children mortgage etc so i dont have the time or the money to even get myself out there! but think i must might make me feel better. Love my children and im pleased they are with me so wouldnt wanna change it but with everything i have on there aint a lot of me time anyway so i dont know

Oligo Fri 10-Jul-09 23:34:02

Sounds like you've got such a lot to juggle. It is important you try to get some time for your self. Does he do childcare too?

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