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to want to shout at a policeman?

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booyhoo Fri 10-Jul-09 00:21:07

left mums this evening with ds' in car. she lives on a country road off a main road. when i got to the top of the road there was a car sitting i the layby that was at my side of the road and a car coming towards us both. i was already stopped at the top of the road, and so i let the car pass and pulled out. as i straightened up the car in the layby pulled right out across the front of me and turned the other direction. it was a policeman driving it!! he looked directly at me as he passed me. i wasnt going fast as i had literally just pulled out, but i didnt expect him to do this as he had no indicator on so i had to brake otherwise i would have hit him. i considered reporting him but i know nothing would be done about it as he was a policeman. i really did feel like blasting my horn at him but it would serve no purpose as he clearly saw me and it would only have been viewed as road rage. i am annoyd though because if it had ben the other way round he would have stopped me for sure. it was soo dangerous.

bumpsoon Fri 10-Jul-09 08:10:31

There is no reason to believe if you contact your local police force that this officer wont get a telling off for driving dangerousley .Give as much detail as you can time /date/location etc and they should be able to work out who it was .However it may just be that as a human being he made a mistake grin

booyhoo Fri 10-Jul-09 14:41:38

true, he mightnt have seen me as he did it but he did look at me as he was driving past so a wave to acknowledge the mistake would have been nice.

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