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To want the money rather than a Playstation 3

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Notalone Wed 08-Jul-09 17:41:11

We had a tax rebate a few weeks ago and DP agreed that as a mature student I could benefit from a laptop as we often end up clashing over who should be on the PC. We ordered one from Dell today for £350. I also looked around at some mobile phone deals. I currently have a crappy contract with 3 which gives me next to nothing so I have found a deal online for the same money which involves a new phone and a free gift - DP wants me to get a PS3 for him whereas I would rather have £230 cashback and split it. DP already has an X box 360 which he spends loads of time on, and also is the only driver in our house so over the years we have spend lots of money on cars and car related things. DP has said I am being a selfish cow for wanting the money because of the lap top I am getting whereas I have said to him that he has had much much more money over the years for his car. Now I am aware that it is a family car and we all benefit from it in relation to getting food shopping done easily, family days out etc, but DP will never play music that I like in the car and always smokes in it despite me being a non smoker stating it is "his car" so he can do what he wants in it.

So, AIBU to want the money rather than yet another console for the house? I appreciate this is long winded and we both sound ridiculously spoilt and childish but I can assure you we are not. We have been hit badly by the credit crunch too due to DP being in the building trade and this rebate is the only chance in a long time we have actually had money to spend. I really don't want a PS3 but don't wish to be selfish either. I have put up with the "my car" comments for a long time now and just want to know who is in the wrong really.

differentID Wed 08-Jul-09 17:42:46

Get the money. He already has the xbox360 and the car which he views as his.

lucky1979 Wed 08-Jul-09 18:56:30

Get the cashback. Apart from anything else, what they don't tell you about these deals is that they have a limited stock of PS3s available, and you might not get one at all. You can't change and opt for the cashback at that point because you've committed to asking for the PS3 and they will have covered themselves by saying "while stocks last".

YMMV but double check the small print and ask them if they guarantee you get the PS3 - bet they don't!

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 08-Jul-09 18:59:07

Get the PS3 - and keep it for yourself. grin

thisisyesterday Wed 08-Jul-09 18:59:35

well the car and the laptop are entirely irrelevant. ignore them.
it isn't a case of "well you ahve this, and I have this, and so I get something else..." it isn't a competition.

you have agreed that some of the money can be spent on getting YOU a phone and as such YOU get to decide which free gift you have.

you could always agree to get the money instead and split it. he could start to save up for a ps3 with his half

Notalone Wed 08-Jul-09 19:12:17

I wasn't aware the free gift may not actually be available. I thought it seemed a bit too good to be true. I can't find any small print but this is the deal (its the top one) if anyone knows how reliable this site looks / is.

Thisisyesterday - I know. You are so right and I do feel a bit childish. There are so many others much worse off and I am moaning about possibly having something nice. Totally unreasonable really. The phone is the same price as my current deal and replaces my existing phone (but with more minutes etc) so it is not an extra at all, though of course the laptop is and I realise I am lucky to get this. I just resent being called a selfish cow after all the money that has been spent on "his car" over the years. I know I will cave in though and get his bloody PS3 to keep the peace <<sigh>>

lucky1979 Wed 08-Jul-09 21:47:34

Well, they're part of the carphone warehouse which was the one that I had been originally warned about. Best thing is ring them and ask them, if they guarantee it then at least you know!

Definitely keep it for yourself if you do get one though

Ozziegirly Thu 09-Jul-09 05:15:50

I would get the cashback, split it with him and then open up a bank account in your own name, and start saving some "rainy day" money for yourself.

THen DP happy as he has money as a start towards a "treat" of his own, and you get to save for something you want.

thisisyesterday Thu 09-Jul-09 19:00:17

in that case you totally should do what you want re: money or ps3.

it is totally separate from the money from the tax rebate isn't it?
you're just swapping your phone.
and as a result you can either choose something that benefits ONE person in your household (the ps3) or you can choose somethign that could benefit many (the money)

i know which i would choose

Notalone Thu 09-Jul-09 19:10:03

I am so relieved I am not being a selfish cow as he so eloquently puts it. He is just throwing all his toys out of the pram.

I checked online reviews for this site on Ciao and there were 51 reviews all saying how bad this company are so I guess that solves the dilemma for now.

DP has however been online looking for similar deals so I fear I may not be off the hook for too long hmm

Thanks people for all your reassurances

LollipopViolet Thu 09-Jul-09 21:42:10

Your phone, (I'm assuming) your money that pays the contract, therefore your choice. I'd go for the money myself, let him do what he wants with his half and save your half as others have said.

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