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glenthorpe Mon 06-Jul-09 21:35:46

My partner was telling me about a girl at work who is getting married. She has apparently sent out a gift list and also wants contributions towards her honeymoon costs presumably if nothing on thr gift list appeals to the 'giver'.
Are we being slightly squeamish or old fashioned in finding this honey moon contribution thing a bit odd? The girl and husband to be both have houses and very good jobs,so I can see that they probably have every material thing already twice over.

JemL Mon 06-Jul-09 21:41:45

I don't understand why anyone has to send out any gift info at all with their invites. I didn't send mine out and every single person who attended bought from the gift list - because they asked me or another family member.

Re your partners colleague - I can sort of get the honeymoon thing if you are not also asking for presents on a regular gift list, ie we don't want or need anything, but if you want to buy something, contribute towards our honeymoon, but if she has a gift list as well, I think I'd feel a bit old-fashioned about it too.

monkeypinkmonkey Mon 06-Jul-09 21:54:13

It really doesn't bother me about honeymoon contribution. Been to many weddings both my friends and dp's and this just seems norm. If people live together before getting married chances are they have most things already. In fact I'd rather contribute to a homneymoon then buy 'extras' for their houses.

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