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to feel tempted to start smoking again after nine years without?

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emkana Thu 02-Jul-09 22:16:32

If I stick to just two a day?

I feel tempted because I am stressed (dh was made redundant today) and because I want to lose weight. blush

Heathcliffscathy Thu 02-Jul-09 22:17:59


slippery slope. stinks. will not help matters at all.

so so sorry about dh but fags are not the way forward darling.

Grandhighpoohba Thu 02-Jul-09 23:04:41

I thought I would just smoke occaisionally... back on 20 a day.

Don't do it!

Ewe Thu 02-Jul-09 23:05:31

Not unreasonable, just fucking daft.

Don't bother.

ErikaMaye Thu 02-Jul-09 23:06:29

Slipperly slope indeed!

I'm sorry you're stressed, but REALLY not the way to deal with it. If you want to loose weight, make sure you're eating sensibly - this can also actually help your stress levels

KingCanuteIAm Thu 02-Jul-09 23:06:35

You will be sick, you will stink, your mouth will taste like crap until enough of your tastebuds have been killed off....

There are better ways to loose weight and deal with stress!

DanieC Thu 02-Jul-09 23:08:19

oh bless you i bet your well stressed, but if you start again do you think you could stick to 2 a day?!

notnowbernard Thu 02-Jul-09 23:09:46

I haven't smoked for 9yrs IIRC

I still crave one occasionally (like, MADLY - only lasts about a minute though)


I know if I had one, that'd be it

Tortington Thu 02-Jul-09 23:10:06

dont be a cockhead.

sorry about the redundancy - your not having much luck


mrsboogie Thu 02-Jul-09 23:11:00

You know, of all the horrible things that can happen to a person, going blind, losing the use of their legs, etc the absolute WORST thing has got to be ending your days struggling to get every single breath into your lungs, unable to walk or talk or do anything. It would be like drowning or being in a fire, all day every day.

Is it worth risking that to take up a highly addictive habit that you have managed to kick once and may not be able to again?

It won't make your husband's redundancy any less of a problem either - just waste your precious money!

paisleyleaf Thu 02-Jul-09 23:15:28

If you're worried about money because of the redundancy
getting hooked on ciggies again is only going to make that worse.

Well done for 9 years - I think your health could well be pretty much the same as that of a non smoker where you are now. (my last ciggie was february, and I still feel a bit vulnerable about it)

Heathcliffscathy Thu 02-Jul-09 23:37:11

pmsl at custy.

don't hold back there!

lulalullabye Fri 03-Jul-09 00:02:36

You will stink
You will have no money
You will slowly kill yourself
You will seriously regret it
You know that two a day will not be enough
And you know that it is a false stress reliever that will work for 20 mins and will not solve any of your probelms !

There, hope that has changed your mind smile

Staunch ex smoker here !!!

RatherBe Fri 03-Jul-09 00:46:08

Sorry OP, you are hoping someone will give you a reason to start smoking again. There isn't one. Do it if you want to, but don't look to other people to make it OK.

OnceWasSquiffy Fri 03-Jul-09 04:01:54


You will no doubt look cool and sexy next winter shivering outside pub doorways in the rain having a drag while everyone else has a laugh inside.

And don't forget those tres chic coughing fits. lovely.

And the nicotine hangovers

Still, you'll at least have lots of company with all the other losers queuing up at the fag counter at Tescos.

HarryB Fri 03-Jul-09 08:16:26

Sorry to hear that your DH has been made redundant. But don't do it - you will regret it instantly. Have some crack cocaine instead grin Just kidding. Could you not try some patches just to control your cravings through the stress.

I am an ex-smoker so feel your pain. What stops me is knowing that if I start smoking again, I may not be around to see DS grow up. Cue puke emoticon, but when I get a craving that thought stops me every time.

Tillyscoutsmum Fri 03-Jul-09 08:22:14

You've done 9 years !!! Can you remember how hellish it was to stop ?? Can you remember all the reasons why you wanted to stop ?? Can you remember how much better you felt within a few weeks of stopping ? Most importantly, can you remember being stressed and smoking actually really helping or solving any of your problems ??

You'll feel stressed - you'll smoke a cig, you'll feel better for about 5 minutes and then the craving for the next one will start and if you're only having 2 a day (ha !), you'll end up feeling even more stressed than you do now because you'll be throwing nicotine withdrawal into the mix


So sorry about your dh though. Shit times sad

pjmama Fri 03-Jul-09 08:24:01

I have never, EVER, been able to stick to just one or two. Every time I've started again with this intention I've always ended up back on 20 a day. If your DH is being made redundant, you probably can't afford it anyway in spite of all the other good reasons!!

I haven't had a fag now for 5 years, which is the longest I've gone since I was 16. I'm hoping this time I've cracked it for good - I just look at my 2 wonderful babies and realise that I no longer have the right to take chances with my own mortality like that.

southeastastra Fri 03-Jul-09 08:29:02

blimey 9 years well done! i'm into month four without. was hard to quit don't want to go through that again. do you?

MorningTownRide Fri 03-Jul-09 09:09:29

I quit 6 years ago.

I still dream about smoking. I LURVED smoking. I miss it.

However: Have you seen the price of cigarettes?? They're nearly £6 a packet and you know that you'll not have 2 a day. They'll be the one with coffee and the one after all your meals and the one when you're waiting for something and the one when you're stressed and the one after an argument and the one when the dc are acting up and the one after sex....

MorningTownRide Fri 03-Jul-09 09:10:43

Oh and smokers are half a stone heavier than non smokers (generally)

MamaLazarou Fri 03-Jul-09 09:13:05

Don't do it. You don't need it. You can get through this without becoming a slave to the cancer sticks.

CMOTdibbler Fri 03-Jul-09 09:16:56

Don't do it - you'll end up spending money on it, hurting your health, and your DS will see you smoking and be more likely to smoke himself in the future

mangopassionfruitshake Fri 03-Jul-09 09:21:17

Congratulations on your 9 years, that's great.

Now don't be a nobhead.

HumphreyCobbler Fri 03-Jul-09 09:22:58

it will taste foul after nine years

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