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To think the deliver guy was a rude ******

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muggglewump Thu 02-Jul-09 16:13:12

I've just taken delivery of my new Freeview box. I was excited about it coming as mine packed up on Monday and I've been missing Home And Away, intelligent programming.
Anyway, I said excitedly, full of smiles, "ooh that must be my new TV box", and went to take it off him. He snatched it back and said "take your time young lady" (young fucking lady hmm), and demanded to know my name before he'd hand it over, and then got me to sign.

Surely there was no need for that?

I was so gobsmacked I didn't say anything to him, although am calling him names now.

McSnail Thu 02-Jul-09 16:14:40

Maybe he was just feeling a bit cheeky today.

Tamarto Thu 02-Jul-09 16:15:04

Wasn't he in a great mood!

This weather brings out the best in people it really does. hmm

YANBU there was no need.

MadameCastafiore Thu 02-Jul-09 16:16:50

Maybe he wanted to make sure that the right person was getting your package and that it was signed for so that he could have his records up to date when they were checked tonight so that he didn't get a warning.

Er and you are young and a lady?

mosschops30 Thu 02-Jul-09 16:18:51

Bet i can beat that with the man who delivered my bed said he had 'fingers like a n**ger' and couldnt move my mattress. Dont think Ive been that shocked for a long time shock

Do you think they lose touch with RL being stuck in a van all day ...... tossers!

welshone51 Thu 02-Jul-09 16:22:36

I dont think he was being too rude at all- just doing his job to be honest enjoy your viewing x

nametaken Thu 02-Jul-09 16:24:34

YABU - do really think he should have given it to you no questions asked just because you were stood there with your hands out. shock

muggglewump Thu 02-Jul-09 16:37:53

But he was holding it in a manner that appeared to be offerring it to me, and as I clearly knew what it was it should be clear that I wasn't a random person out to steal it.

Also you could see the name on it, if I had been a random I could still have given him the correct name.

Surely he could have then asked for a signature, as I'd expect him to, the same as all delivery drivers take, without having to snatch it back and call me young lady in the tone in which he did?

Morloth Thu 02-Jul-09 16:40:45

LOL, everyone is going crazy this week aren't they. I hope the weather breaks soon otherwise we may all kill each other.

BitOfFun Thu 02-Jul-09 16:42:13

At least you didn't answer the door and usher him in with your bare fanjo out.

muggglewump Thu 02-Jul-09 16:48:48

Lol, no I didn't. Not even a hint of boob.

Perhaps that's why he was grumpy?grin

mayorquimby Thu 02-Jul-09 18:28:38

yabu, you tried to grab something he was delivering off him before he made sure he had the right person.
it's you who was a rude ****

muggglewump Thu 02-Jul-09 18:43:09

I didn't grab it, I went to take it as he appeared to be offering it (to be clear, he was holding it as you would a full tray), and I'd already made it clear that I knew what it was.

I've never had a delivery person do that before, usually they either ask and get the signature without offering the goods, or give them and then ask.
The Asda delivery folk hand over my shopping all the time, in fact they come in and unpack it without asking.
It's clear I am expecting them when I open the door though, as it was when I answered to grumpy fucker this delivery man.

I'm not sure how I was rude. I didn't say a word after his snatching/young lady thing.

woodlands35 Thu 02-Jul-09 18:44:00

i once had a delivery guy from NEXT give out to me at the hall door hmm , he got annoyed because i ordered online instead of going in2 town to the shop (shop didn't have what i wanted so had to order it ) he was very rude , i was left standing at the door in shock shock angry
he arrived two hours after i rang the head office to enquire after my order as it was over 2 weeks late , so I'm guessing head office must have given out to him as he had my package for a week & hadn't delivered it .

alarkaspree Thu 02-Jul-09 18:45:08

I hate being called young lady. It makes me feel like a naughty 12 year old.

So, yanbu.

PeedOffWithNits Thu 02-Jul-09 18:51:52

my parents ordered a small but pricey appliance from a catalogue and phoned to chase it up when it did not arrive

they were told it had been delivered and signed for 10 days ago

they asked who had signed and they were told their own surname but spelt wrongly - as the original delivery note had a typo

so the careline apologised, said the driver would be disciplined and sent out a replacement.

Several weeks later they found the original deep in a bush - where it had been lobbed over the wall by the original driver, who had then forged the signature.

I hope he lost his job over it.

nametaken Thu 02-Jul-09 18:53:27

LOL at the NEXT delivery man telling you to walk into town and get your order grin - what would he do for a job then.

KittyBigglesworth Thu 02-Jul-09 18:55:02

It's called delivery man sickness, their gonads go rancid and melt against the vinyl in this weather. The rabid condition is characterised by a snatching claw hand and cheesy toothed sneer. Wouldn't worry about it, a dose of Chris Moyle and a Big Flamming Dipper and he'll be completely unchanged.

Be happy that he called you 'young lady' and not 'love' or worse. Did he hand you a sticky, half mauled pen to sign with?

muggglewump Thu 02-Jul-09 19:23:05

It was the young lady that really pissed me off. It was said in a fashion that did make me feel like a 12 year old naughty girl, as alarkaspree says.
I'm 31 and have a home and a child.

It was one of those electirc thingies I had to sign, no manky pen, and I am chuffed that I now have TV in time for Katie and Peter Documentaries later tonight but still, no need for him to be a git.

I bet he has a small penis. <bitter>

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