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AIBU for underestimating my husband....

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Runoutofideas Wed 01-Jul-09 22:27:21

who has just gone traipsing across the city armed with a sick rabbit ready to spend £110 at the out of hours vet? I really thought he'd say "it's only a rabbit, we can buy another one for £20", but no by contrast he said "would you prefer it if she saw a vet? - if we don't and she dies how do we explain that one to the children..."
I think I have been completely unreasonable in expecting him to be an arse and he has just proven me completely wrong. Sorry about the rambling irrelevant post - guess I'm a bit worried about the rabbit!!

BettySwollux Wed 01-Jul-09 22:28:31

Aww bless 'im. Hope your rabbit's ok

pickyvic Wed 01-Jul-09 22:40:50

thats really lovely! hope bunny is ok. x

differentID Wed 01-Jul-09 22:42:53

hope bunny is ok and dh too!

diedandgonetodevon Wed 01-Jul-09 22:42:57

Good on your DH. Hope the bunny is ok.

Runoutofideas Wed 01-Jul-09 23:23:59

Thanks everyone - bad news for the bunny though. She's being put to sleep. Stomach twisted with gas and they said she wouldn;t last the night. Very sad. Now what do we say to the children in the morning....?

pjmama Wed 01-Jul-09 23:31:18

Aw poor bunny! Tell them the truth in the simplest possible way and then be ready with the cuddles. That's part of why we buy our children pets so they can experience the cyle of life and death. Or you could leg it to Pets at Home first thing and hope they've got one the same colour?! Worked with my friend's kids hamster, which to this day they swear lived to seven years old wink

LynetteScavo Wed 01-Jul-09 23:31:55

You've trained him well.

Twisted with gas? Sounds terrible!

Just be honest with the children.

SolidGoldBrass Wed 01-Jul-09 23:32:10

Casserole? Not really the weather for it I suppose...

Rafi Thu 02-Jul-09 00:10:53

I don't know how old your DCs are but maybe it's worth getting this book to help explain - the last of the Mog books, the only one we found that talked about dealing with the death of a pet. 8-1

ViktoriaMac Thu 02-Jul-09 00:27:03

What? Mog died????

ViktoriaMac Thu 02-Jul-09 00:29:28

How rude, I was so shocked that my beloved Mog had died that I forgot to say so sorry for your rabbit and your DCs. My brother and I still cried when our 19 year old cat from childhood died, I was 26 and he was 24.

SomeGuy Thu 02-Jul-09 00:32:50

Rabbit satay is pretty good in this weather.

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