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To be annoyed about this?

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lottiejenkins Wed 01-Jul-09 15:30:58

Suffolk County Council and another county have been part of a pilot scheme to get a laptop for children of parents on a low income. My ds is at school in Kent but it is funded by Suffolk. The form said applications had to be back by 31st July so when my Child Tax Credit award notice arrived today i finished the form off and rang them to check something and was told that the closing date had been brought forward a month and it closed yesterday. I am absoultely gutted and spent the early part of this afternoon on the phone to them in tears. They said they had informed schools and published it in the press, i wouldnt have heard from the school and i saw nothing in the press. I have rung my local County Councillor and am waiting to hear from another company involved with the council. This is so bloody unfair. They shouldnt change the date should they??

Runoutofideas Wed 01-Jul-09 15:38:42

I would send it in straight away anyway. They may give a few days leeway for the post....
It doesn't sound fair to have changed the date - maybe try to speak to someone more senior at the council?

lottiejenkins Wed 01-Jul-09 15:41:06

They have said quite clearly all applications have closed! sad Wont even discuss it!angry

lottiejenkins Wed 01-Jul-09 15:52:02


lottiejenkins Wed 01-Jul-09 16:15:28

Would love to hear what other people think, I have just spoken to a woman at the other company who is going to see what she can do. Apparently they have changed the date of the closure because it was a pilot scheme and they had got the data they needed so closed the scheme early.... hmm

nametaken Wed 01-Jul-09 16:15:37

If the form says 31 July, then fill it in and send it off making sure you keep a copy. No-one's to know you phoned up and asked a question and were told it was phoned.
Get your application in and then take it from there.

nametaken Wed 01-Jul-09 16:17:50

closed, not phoned blush

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