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AIBU to aid the needless suffering of an animal?

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MissSunny Wed 01-Jul-09 01:27:50

Message withdrawn

steviesgirl Wed 01-Jul-09 01:30:34

It won't die that quick. I've left spiders in glasses over night and they've been fine the next day. They are hardy little creatures. Don't worry.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 01-Jul-09 01:54:24

Don't leave it in the sun, though. Give it a bit of shade.

MissSunny Wed 01-Jul-09 02:14:18

Message withdrawn

DeathbyDora Wed 01-Jul-09 04:20:27

Can't you slide a bit of card underneath and carry him that way? That's what I tend to do.
PS. Lakeland do a brilliant spider catcher that sucks them into a long tube so that you can carry them outside. There...I've outed myself as a Lakeland lover!...grin

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