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AIBU to think this TA shouldn't be talking about my DS?

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mylifemykids Tue 30-Jun-09 16:01:00

Sorry I know there's another TA thread going but it reminded me that I was going to post this yesterday and didn't have time!

DS is in a school attached nursery. One of the TA's is best friends with DH's SIL. We don't speak to her or BIL after a big fall out 2 years ago. However, whenever our paths do cross at other family members houses, SIL always says to DS 'oh I hear you've done x, y and z at nursery'. She always seems to know what he personally has been doing/saying or who he's been playing with etc. when not even I know half of it myself!

AIBU to think this TA shouldn't be passing on information about what DS is doing at nursery. Or am I just letting the feud cloud my judgement?

Kimi Tue 30-Jun-09 16:08:04

Do you think your SIL does it to wind you up?
You could speak to the staff about it.

DS1 has a statement and one of the TAs at his primary school (who was a mother to a child in the class) was happily discussing DS1s IEP and needs with the other mothers shock I had her sacked.

Seeline Tue 30-Jun-09 16:08:44

It's reasonable that the TA may just be chatting to your SIL about her daily routine (although why that would amount to a stimulating topic of conversation is a mystery to me!). However, if there are specific things that are only relevant to your DS then YANBU. Such information should not be passed onto any one other than the parents of the child. Maybe you should mention it to the head of the nursery.

MummyDragon Tue 30-Jun-09 16:14:41

Agree with Seeline. If it's just general stuff - "we played outside in the sandpit today and then had a sing-song" I wouldn't worry. If it's personal, private, specific stuff that is covered by Data Protection laws (stuff relating to medical needs, SEN, personal/social development etc), you need so speak to the nursery manager.

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