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treating my inlaws

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umjad Tue 30-Jun-09 03:27:12

I dont know where to start talking about it it just too much in my mind and having stress and upset of what is going on.The kindness u give to treat your in laws is not just enough for them. I have 5 kids and thank God they are well behave and have good manners. The family of my husband are big with 5 brothers and 5 sister. Most of them are inteferring to much in our life. They complaints in non sense things and they talk too much. One of my sister in law which is the wife of brother of my husband doing nothing but to watch our every move and watch our actions for her to have somthing to say my parents in law. I dont know what shes trying to put me on, i just dont understand why she treated me like that. My husband went abroad for a year now and hes not aware of what is really going on with me and with my kids. I talked to him about this matter but he said to let it go bec. she envy me.I am thinking that i should react and broke my patience toward her.But i am afraid where my anger lead me and that will cause too much damage between the relationship of my parents in law. I dont know how long i will keep my silence bec. i care about my children and what they will think about me or what they will face if i react. Can anyone advise me or give me opinion how i will avoid her as much as i can.

ninedragons Tue 30-Jun-09 05:45:23

Oh dear, that all sounds very overwhelming.

I think perhaps you should talk to your husband again. Your SIL's motivation is irrelevant. It doesn't matter if she's doing it because she's jealous.

Could you move away to a different town? It sounds all very suffocating to live so near a large and intrusive family.

Are your family near you?

leothelioness Tue 30-Jun-09 06:08:05

It sounds like a difficult situation I think ninedragons is right in saying that you need to speak to your husband again so that he know what is going on and especially how you are feeling.

I think that you also need to draw the line and make it clear to your sisterinlaw that her interference is not welcome otherwise it will just get worse.

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