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AIBU- to want to gel / wax a 4yo hair?

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HappyFamilies Mon 29-Jun-09 21:05:10

ds1 (4) just got out of his bath with gorgeous blonde hair all spiked up and I was wondering would it be immoral for me to use styling products on his hair. I like sprogs to be as au naturel as possible coz they're all gorgeous the way God made them (no loud retching please).... but he would look the dude if I let his hair grow a bit and spiked it? Also what are schools like about this coz don't want to start something that will cause trouble when he goes in sept.

rubyslippers Mon 29-Jun-09 21:06:14

it's not immoral

but not necessary IMO

thisisyesterday Mon 29-Jun-09 21:07:00

nooo don't do it. he's only a baby still!!!!
i have an irrational dislike of little boys with gelled hair all stuck up

RumourOfAHurricane Mon 29-Jun-09 21:07:29

Message withdrawn

Lilyloo Mon 29-Jun-09 21:07:34

Could you be bothered fighting with him to do this every single morning though ?
I have enough trouble getting ds to put his uniform on and brush his teeth grin

thisisyesterday Mon 29-Jun-09 21:07:44

i mean, i don't dislike the little boys. just the hair.

it's all this making them too old too soon. annoys me as much as little girls in high heels

CMOTdibbler Mon 29-Jun-09 21:07:54

No need, and a bit yeuch imo. They have a lot of time to fuss about their appearance later, and I think little ones look gorgeous all tousled and unstyled

pranma Mon 29-Jun-09 21:08:48

it looks so silly imho

random Mon 29-Jun-09 21:10:00

Big mn no no grin up there with pieced ears and fruitshoots

PricklyVelvet Mon 29-Jun-09 21:10:18

they are only little once, why make them look older, plenty of time for that later on..

chegirl Mon 29-Jun-09 21:34:22

No harm IMO as long as its a bit of fun and doesnt become part of a beauty pagent regime smile

There are degrees of everything, including dolly dressing your kids.

I use products on my boys's hair because they have afro hair. They wear jewellery sometimes but I favour more hippy type stuff. I cant stand gold on kids but thats my choice. To some people pretty gold jewellery is sweet and they would put beads on a boy.

I love dressing my kids up but I dont take it too far and they look like scruff bags most of the time. DS1 has had quite a few 'interesting' hairstyles.

Its funny how boy's fashion seems geared not just to make them grow up too soon but to actually make them look like OAPS. All these tank tops and Frank Bough cardis, flap caps and waistcoats grin

MIAonline Mon 29-Jun-09 21:40:43

YABU, you want to put products on his hair?

There is no need, he is 4.

TabithaTwitchet Mon 29-Jun-09 21:44:48

I think it is OK. I put wax on my 18 month old daughter's hair sometimes to try and make it stay out of her eyes when she is due a haircut (she seems to need them ridiculously often).

zanz1bar Mon 29-Jun-09 21:46:50

yuck, pale pasty faced boys with thin blonde spiked hair.
but then i hate hair gel at any age.

ramalama Mon 29-Jun-09 21:47:17

don't see the harm in it at all

glitteryb6 Mon 29-Jun-09 21:48:07

i think if you're going to do it, use a matt look wax rather than a wet look gel especially on blonde hair, gel just makes it look greasy IMO.

ds likes getting his hair done TBH!

we favour Toni & Guy texture paste, Boots sell wee trial size pots for £1.69 and it smells gorgeous!

ds's hair goes from shaved off one month to growing longer and getting waxed then getting shaved off again a few months later, he even had a mini mohawk once but that was for "mad hair day" in school in aid of comic relief

hocuspontas Mon 29-Jun-09 21:56:21

The chemicals in shampoo are bad enough, without rubbing in some other crap so they look 'cute' or whatever. When I look around the children in the hall at assembly time, I wonder how many of the boys actually asked for long, layered hair, highlighted hair, gelled hair, earrings etc. Girls seem to either have long hair tied back or short styles. No products on them as far as I can see - much more sensible!

ramalama Mon 29-Jun-09 22:07:25

I put hairspray on DDs hair to try and keep the nits away

i would imagine gel would do the same thing so worth it for that if nothing else

Littlefish Mon 29-Jun-09 22:26:37

No. Especially not for school. He will spend all day messing with it and showing it off to his friends instead of listening! (I speak from experience!)

Sassybeast Mon 29-Jun-09 22:29:29

Noooooooo - he's a little boy - not a fashion accessory!

GIvePeasAChance Mon 29-Jun-09 22:30:06

it's chav wink

MissSunny Tue 30-Jun-09 00:34:24

Message withdrawn

LovesTents Tue 30-Jun-09 00:53:00

I hate gel in children's hair and little bows in girls hair , as well as pierced ears , all in the same bracket of horribleness really.

DidEinsteinsMum Tue 30-Jun-09 01:03:00

I did ds's hair when he was 3 1/2 as he begged me to. He looked really cute but the novalty wore off very quickly as he needed it washing every evening and gel is a nightmare to get out of child's hair when they hate having it washed. He wants it spiking for school in sept. I have agreed but know it is unlikely to last a month.

yanbu but its very high maintainance - its not really worth the hassel unless you have a rare saint of a ds (i heard the do happen - never seen one though grin)

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