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to wonder what the fcuk tom from kasabian came as

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Rollergirl1 Sat 27-Jun-09 23:26:47

at glastonbury? Did you see his outfit? Why would you do that to yourself?

They were awful too.

Thunderduck Sat 27-Jun-09 23:33:18

What did he wear?

Wilts Sat 27-Jun-09 23:34:00

Did his jacket have a giant pineapple on the back? Serge didn't look much better.

I do like them though and when I saw them live a couple of weeks ago there were no shiny jackets to be seen grin

Thunderduck Sat 27-Jun-09 23:34:27

Well ifthis is what he wore, apparently he came as Axel Rose.

Wilts Sat 27-Jun-09 23:36:02

Oh is it strawberries not pineapples? blush grin

Rollergirl1 Sat 27-Jun-09 23:41:52

Yes. A jacket with strawberries on. And ill-fitting jeans. He looked like a slightly over-weight girl. I used to find him a little bit sexy. Not anymore. I thought he looked like bobby gillespie. Serge had a ridiculous animal print top on too but he is so good-looking that i forgive him anything.

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