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AIBU to go ring the landlord on the next door neighbours?

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yawningprincess Sat 27-Jun-09 20:16:40

We lived next door to a property that is let out. We recently had a loft conversion and found that our house stunk of weed when the stairs were put in- we mentioned it to a neighbour that was a policeman and when we returned home that day the house had been raided and a cannabis factory was found. The landlords obviously kicked the tenants out but I can't help thinking it was there fault as the tenants had lived there for 2 years and they had not inspected their property once! The tenants themselves were lovely albeit a little spaced!
So new tenants moved in 3 weeks ago, two young lads- everything was fine until last weekend when they decided to have a house warming- which in itself was fine, but we eneded up popping our head over the fence at 12am to ask if they could continue the party inside as they had woken my 16 month old and my 5 week old baby, they seemed fine about this... however at 3am we were woken by screaming (male screaming) which was terrifying, one of the pissed up housemates ended up fighting with another they trashed the house and the fight carried on into our cul-de-sac. Woke the majority of the neighbours and the police were called which resulted in two police officers being assaulted!

I called the landlord the following morning and expressed my concern, mainly because my 16 month was hysterical and has since cried everytime we have gone into her nursey day or night. They came round and apparently gave the tenants a final warning.

I am now sitting here listen to the sound of dull base through my walls as they are having a small bbq consisting of 8 people- which is fine but the conversations are a long the line of 'did jackie wank you off last week...' I mean for christ sake, Iam not a prude but I don't want to listen to that.

What do I do? Not to sound jumped up but this is a lovely area and we pay a lot of money to live here. I feel traumatised about the cannabis factory and also the fight that I almost want to move!


yawningprincess Sat 27-Jun-09 20:18:56

sorry meant live next door!

Kimi Sat 27-Jun-09 20:19:31

Speak to the landlord again.
I think you can also get in touch with the council about the noise

yawningprincess Sat 27-Jun-09 20:22:20

the thing is they came round on MOnday with flowers to apologise?

NotAnotherNewNappy Sat 27-Jun-09 20:24:28

I do think it is best to adopt a zero tolerance policy to anti social neighbours - so yes, call the landlord. However, it doesn't sound like you've got too much to complain about just yet - perhaps wait to see how long it goes on for tonight?

onagar Sat 27-Jun-09 20:24:31

I can see why you want them gone because of the fighting. The BBQ I'm not so sure about. I mean you would hear their conversation if they are outside and you can hardly complain about them because you disapprove of the topic.

It sounds like the music isn't all that loud since you can hear them talking and it's not very late yet.

By all means report them when they do something worse and take notes, but it would be jumping the gun in this case.

NotAnotherNewNappy Sat 27-Jun-09 20:25:08

Who brought flowers? The landlord or the tennants?

yawningprincess Sat 27-Jun-09 20:27:50

I know I am being a little over anal tonight- but it makes my chest tight just anticipating them turning it into an all night rave! I think I should live and let live but it just annoys me that they know I have a new born baby and a 16 month old! I am being a little unreasonable tonight I know blush

yawningprincess Sat 27-Jun-09 20:29:25

the tenants bought the flowers round- I accepted them and accepted their apology that it was out of their control etc. They seem like nice lads but as a parent when your little ones are frightened it turns you against the people that frightened them, a bunch of flowers doesn't really cut it as my little girl was hysterical.

FoJo Sat 27-Jun-09 20:44:07

I can totally understand how you feel. It will be upermost on your mind and you will be imagining things are again going to get out of hand but I think on this occasion so far it's not something to complain about on its own. However I;d keep a diary and not hesitate to complain to landlord and anyone else if it gets out of hand again

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