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Well yes I am, I know I am. But still am absolutely enraged

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sweetfall Sat 27-Jun-09 12:59:18

that some tosser has parked his/her Audi TT outside my house for 10 days straight, and hasn't bothered to move it at all. This means that when I swoop up the road I now have to actually do a reverse parking maneouvre rather than just park in one move to curve manouvre outside my own bloody house which is so conveniently located on a corner.

Move your bloody car and park it outside your own house.

whereeverIlaymyhat Sat 27-Jun-09 13:01:18

I feel your pain it used to happen to us all the time.
Make a note of when his road tax runs out and keep an eye in case he forgets grin

hocuspontas Sat 27-Jun-09 13:04:25

Do you live near an airport? We have cars outside our house for days on end because we live about 8 miles from Stansted. V. annoying I agree, but, if it's a public road there's not much you can do. Report it as being abandoned? grin

sweetfall Sat 27-Jun-09 13:05:18

it's tax is up to date believe me I have looked

I am going to send kids out to have a flour and egg fight on the pavement grin

GentlyDidIt Sat 27-Jun-09 13:10:59


Unless it's actually blocking your drive or a dropped kerb, or is untaxed.

The piece of road outside your house belongs to the public.

GentlyDidIt Sat 27-Jun-09 13:14:01

hang on though... you say you're on a corner... does that make the car very close to a junction? That might be grounds for ringing the police (non-urgent!) and asking them to contact the registered keeper about it for that reason.

sweetfall Sat 27-Jun-09 13:14:37

well I know that but it still pisses me off I have been parking quite happily for 9 years and now somebody has disrupted my flow man

Ivykaty44 Sat 27-Jun-09 13:15:14

Get a drive smile

whereeverIlaymyhat Sat 27-Jun-09 13:17:36

Actually that's a good point about it being dangerously parked if it's within a certain distance of a corner.

GentlyDidIt Sat 27-Jun-09 13:21:25

I know you know , but it is annoying.

Could you spread word among the neighbours that you are rubbish at reverse parking (I'm sure you're not) and keep nearly hitting this Audi outside?

sweetfall Sat 27-Jun-09 13:22:36

I do keep touching its bumper when I reverse park

What do you think of the kids having a flour fight on the pavement?

TheProfiteroleThief Sat 27-Jun-09 13:25:19

I feel your pain. We have a local tw*t who parks sticking his bonnet into the opening, so I can only turn left as it is imposible or dangerous to turn right. if I had a crappy car , I am sure I'd maneouvre less carefully

moondog Sat 27-Jun-09 13:27:07

I'd get some mates around to pick it up and move it away.

TheChilliMoose Sat 27-Jun-09 13:33:44

If it gets accidentally damaged and no-one sees it would be a great shame, no?

Ivykaty44 Sat 27-Jun-09 13:45:42

Has the car been stolen? Has the owner been rushed to hospital? Why would someone leave a car in a random street miles from the home?

I was parking my car legally on the street a few days in a row as I was looking after my father who had two broken arms at the same time - the guy came out of his house some doors up from where I was parked and told me not to park on the road, I needed to get to my dads house and couldn't walk as I needed to take him for appointments etc and he had an infection.

TBH I thought the guy was a twat with nothing better to do than try to regulate who parked in the street, I was worried he would get his kids to have a flour fight or damage the car - I was stressed enough as it was without the added stupidity sad

hambler Sat 27-Jun-09 13:48:14

You are totally unreasonable, but you know that grin

A bit shocked at the thuggish mentality of some here but maybe I am missing a "joke"

edam Sat 27-Jun-09 13:48:33

do you have/can you borrow any young children still in a buggy? It would be such a shame if you tried to squeeze past the Audi and accidentally scraped the paintwork...

OK, OK, I know it is legally parked but leaving your car on a residential street away from your own for ten days is a bit odd. Actually, round here the police would come round and check it out - they did when someone left a car in the bays opposite my house for a couple of weeks (even though it's not residents' parking).

thumbwitch Sat 27-Jun-09 13:52:35

you could always report it as an abandoned vehicle if you don't know who owns it - it might give the owner somethign to think about if the police stick a nice big Police Aware sticker on it! grin

TheChilliMoose Sat 27-Jun-09 14:37:31

I guess I am a thug then, but I would be a bit miffed at a car being parked outside for 10 days when I didn't know who it belonged to.
Thinking about it, I would give the local police a call as it is a nice car and maybe has been stolen.

hambler Sat 27-Jun-09 15:24:54

Yes, call the police because is is definitely odd for a nice car to be left on a street for 10 days but don't damage it just because it is" on your turf"!

sweetfall Sat 04-Jul-09 09:14:54

it is still bloody well there and still hasn't be moved once

angry [rant]

purepurple Sat 04-Jul-09 09:16:45

but you don't own the road
or do you?
you have no legal rights over the road in front of your house

sweetfall Sat 04-Jul-09 09:18:42

never said I did. Never said I was being reasonable. I am annoyed by it. I'm allowed to be.

sweetfall Sat 04-Jul-09 09:19:30

it inconveniences me - they could park it round the corner at the side of my house where there is no front door and plenty of space - I had to carry my shopping across the road - took 5 trips

TheProvincialLady Sat 04-Jul-09 09:21:03

I don't get it. I never have got it and never will. It's a car and it's in the road. Perhaps not the bit of road where you would prefer it to be, but essentially in the right place for a car to be - the road.

Start a thread when you find a car in your front bedroom and I will have some sympathy.

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