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To turn my phone off 1 week before the wedding???

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Julezboo Fri 26-Jun-09 20:36:02

It never stops! I left it in work yesterday, started at 1pm today and I had 37 missed calls!!!!

my mum is stressing, my dad is stressing, my brothers are, pretty much everyone is but me....

I'm exhausted, i just want to go to sleep but due to nerves this is proving difficult! I have turned it off again today.

I know I probably am BU because people need to speak to me but they just stress me out more Even though they are trying to help x

nickytwotimes Fri 26-Jun-09 20:37:15

Switch it off.
This is why I went for a tiny, low key wedding. It was still a bit stressful, but only in the way having a party is stressful!

Julezboo Fri 26-Jun-09 20:42:51

I have now, I want the big day, I am a pretty chilled out person and refuse to get wound up over it, I am at the point now where I am thinking once the seating plan is done fuck it, its out of my hands and what will be will be!

TinyPawz Fri 26-Jun-09 21:24:34

relax....try the phone should be looking forward to 'Your day'

Have a lovely time and congratulations!!

Boys2mam Fri 26-Jun-09 21:33:39

When is the big day? Just curious x

Julezboo Sat 27-Jun-09 07:15:01

4th July I am a bit calmer today, although nerves are getting the better of me!

2rebecca Sat 27-Jun-09 07:37:05

I'd turn mobile onto silent and look at it now and again or turn it off,, and leave house phone on answer mode.

MummyDragon Sat 27-Jun-09 11:02:18

Switch it off. (Or turn it onto silent). Enjoy your big day; congratulations! smile

2rebecca Sat 27-Jun-09 11:06:52

What I probably would have done, although thankfully had non fussing relatives would be to leave a message on both house and mobile phone saying you are busy at the moment and could people please only leave a message if it is important you get back to them as you appreciate their support but don't want to spend alot of time on the phone at the moment. I'd then have mobile on silent and house phone on answer phone. The serious stuff will still get through then.

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