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can we just have a laugh today? i've missed the mn funnies

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saggyjuju Fri 26-Jun-09 11:29:21

i'll start with one of my big redface incidents,many many years ago i hired a sunbed put it in the back bedroom,i thought i'll nip on for half hour,i had a LOVELY (not) spiral perm that made my dark hair tend to bleach on the ends so i tied a very gross silk leopard skin design headscarf around my hair like the old washladies did, got on the sunbed naked with my seventies black bush out and my little fried eggs, i had the thinnest curtains up to the window,it was our spair room so i thought it didnt matter.all finished fully dressed straight outside to walk straight into the very very good looking window cleaner who had been cleaning my windows as i lay there like a freak,he just burst out laughing when he saw my shocked face blush

Fimbo Fri 26-Jun-09 11:32:44

Worst still is sitting on the loo, door wide open and realise the window cleaner can see you from your ds's bedroom window as they are facing each other

DesperateHousewifeToo Fri 26-Jun-09 11:39:39

Morning after the first night in our new house (10yrs ago now).

Door bell rings.

It's the neighbour who lived opposite. Very emabarassed but needed to tell us that our bathroom window was almost see through. So they could see us when we showered blush

Soon had the builders change the glass in the window and still have a manky piece of shower curtain stuck in it now!

saggyjuju Fri 26-Jun-09 11:45:56

i got lots more,this ones from school and we will be laughing at an old school friend,piggy if you read this was our school concert in the hall that also doubled as the school gym so had the grooves in the floor for the climbing equipment to slide into place,piggy was in the front row sat on a plastic chair with those skinny legs,piggy had on a short knitted flaired dress with ivory tights,she rocked on her chair waiting bored in front of the packed hall the chair fell back,the legs on the chair jammed into the grooves in the floor held piggy in place,which was her legs wide apart tilted back,showing everyone her ivory tights upto her bum,and sadly she was on her period and had a sanitary towel on the size of my sofa,it seemed like hours before she was able to be helped out of her unluckly position gringrin

Kimi Fri 26-Jun-09 11:51:38

I did a great post but the internet ate it sad

It was a toilet one too

saggyjuju Fri 26-Jun-09 11:55:47

kimi put it on here,PLEASE,the weathers not so good,so we have the time wink

smartiejake Fri 26-Jun-09 11:58:04

Here's one I posted this week- not sure how many read it but I thought it was funny!

I do an adult tap dancing class at my DDs dance school. It's great- we have such a laugh.

At the weekend the dance school had a show at a local theatre which we all took part in.

I was having a conversation with my pupils about this as they were lining up to go home yesterday-Told them about the show and my tap dancing.

The bell went and just as they were walking out of the door I heard one of my pupils (who hadn't heard the whole conversation)ask another girl to tell her what we had been talking about...

Bear in mind I work with children who are hearing impaired...

"Mrs Smartiejake said she was in a lapdancing show at the weekend..."

I think there might be some quite interesting letters in the home school books tomorrow!

Kimi Fri 26-Jun-09 12:07:32

Few years ago I was working with DH renovating a house, we had taken all the doors off to be stripped back to the pine so had a curtain as the toilet door.

So I had a really bad upset tummy and needed the loo, so I ask Dh to watch the door while I go to the loo.

He wonders off to help someone who is about to drop a big bit of plaster board and leaves the curtain.

So in walks one of the other builders and there I am with jeans round ankles, doing a really stinky poop and worst of all picking my nose blush

melmog Fri 26-Jun-09 12:21:13

I walked into work one day, through the underground car park, throught the vast open plan office and up the stairs to my desk, where I discovered yesterdays knickers training along behond me stUCk to the velcro on my trainer.

Not long after I walked out of the house and got halfway down the street before someone pointed out I had a bra hanging from my hood.

I need to start picking up the dirty clothes from the floor!

cheltenhamgal Fri 26-Jun-09 12:31:26

I had purchased a toy from a well known adult shop, well this particular day I had an urge to play with aforementioned toy grin well it wouldn't work. So the next day I called the shop in a huff, they said I could take it in but to advise the assistant if I had used it or not.
I took it in, she opened it up in front of the whole shop and advised me that I had put the batteries in the wrong way ! very very red face blush

saggyjuju Fri 26-Jun-09 12:34:06

another one then i have to go, i was in the first few weeks of my now married relationship,i was at the very first family get together of my husbands family,you know the sort,packed tiny rooms,finger buffet going on ,stifled conversations etc etc. i was very nervous and for a boost,literaly,(already mentioned my fried eggs)i put on my neon wonderbra and pant set,always seems to help!! well it wasnt untill the very end that i made a comment to the whole group"oh whats this?" i had grabbed for a bright neon thing off the buffet table only to realise before i could stop my stupid big mouth,it was my extra padding out of my neon bra!

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