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to really really want this house?

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ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 26-Jun-09 06:49:34

Ok, I know I am really, but . . . sigh . .

I've seen this AMAZING house which would be perfect for me, dh, dds and dawg. Just perfect. I even has a teeny weeny house in the garden (swank swank). Actually not really that swanky just a glorified shed really, but my folks could come and stay (we live in Oz btw).

Anywaayyyyy, it's being Auctioned tomorrow and we are just a tiny bit too poor to buy it.

Am I being unreasonable to try to sell the kids/dog/husband tonight in order to rustle up the extra cash?

Asana Fri 26-Jun-09 07:04:05

I say sell them! Loyalty and family ties are overrated when a dream house is involved grin

<scrolls down to dream £1million house on Rightmove and starts writing eBay advert for DH auction>

gingernutlover Fri 26-Jun-09 07:14:44

ooooh yes, although in my case I think any dog I had might get more than dh and dd on ebay - I would be concerned about people wanting to return them grin

ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 26-Jun-09 07:15:12

oo do you think??

Not sure I'd get an awful lot for dh but the dog is tremendous fun so may get a bit.

Kids of course are lovely and I would miss them but, it is rather a splendid house grin

CilC Fri 26-Jun-09 07:16:40

Go for it!

gingernutlover Fri 26-Jun-09 08:04:02

could you pawn them and get them back in a few weeks once you have moved all your furniture in?

HerHonesty Fri 26-Jun-09 08:28:38

could you sell on of their kidneys each, then at least you could still keep them.. i mean shame to have all that space and not use it!

ClaudiaSchiffer Fri 26-Jun-09 08:55:00

Ha, brilliant ideas!

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