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to expect my DH not to 'join in' when I have PMT

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posieparker Thu 25-Jun-09 17:50:52

Since having dcs I get really terrible PMT, my worst times I threaten to leave everyone and have raging temper outbursts and cry. This I try to do alone, usually in the kitchen in forced whispers. I also am moody from the minute I wake... not too bad but quicker tempered than usual.
MY dh has had a day off so I could go and my hair done and has been more moody than me. It occurred to me that whilst my PMT is a PITA, I do apologise for it and try to avoid conflict explaining that I can't help it and what I can help I do. But he seems to thrive on winding me up and being unpleasant.
I asked him to back off and he just shouts at me telling me I'm the one with fucking PMT, not him..... [grrr]

karala Thu 25-Jun-09 17:54:27

oh it sounds awful - you poor thing. Grr, indeed. YANBU but he is. I hope that you're happy with your hair do - or as happy as you can be under the circs

posieparker Thu 25-Jun-09 17:58:16

£15 at a college for a colour and cut...good job too....can't be all bad!

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