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to tell dh to wash his own fecking socks from now on?

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GooseyLoosey Wed 24-Jun-09 08:18:41

Background: we both work. Half the week I leave the house just after 5am and when I am gone early, dh gets the kids to school, he also does most of the cooking. In return, I do all of the house work and most of the washing and "organise" the dcs' lives.

Last night, I had just gone to bed (having just sorted and folded the washing) when dh comes in and says "when you sort loads of washing, can you make sure that you put both socks of a pair in the same load" (dirty washing just goes in a big laundry basket).

I replied jokily that he was lucky I didn't shove the socks up his nose - he said he was just trying to be "helpful". He then cosied up for some groping and I told him to entertain himself with a pair of socks.

So my question to you is AIBU to want to insert his socks where the sun don't shine or should I have treated this as a helpful suggestion?

PM73 Wed 24-Jun-09 08:22:58

I think he was genuinely trying to be helpful.It is a pain in the arse to have loads of odd socks lying round waiting for its partner to be laundered.


Laughing at the entertain yourself with the socks though grin

belgo Wed 24-Jun-09 08:24:58

YANBU. It' gross having to dig around in the dirty laundry trying to match up pairs of socks. I wash first, match them up later when they are clean.

I hate 'helpful' suggestions that my dh makes regarding the housework that he never does.

PM73 Wed 24-Jun-09 08:28:45

Actually thinking about it why cant your dh pair them together before putting them in the laundry basket?

GooseyLoosey Wed 24-Jun-09 08:31:53

PM73 - that's what I said to him and he looked at me as though I had asked him to knit the damn things!

Belgo - that's exactly it - helpful suggestions about things he does ONCE IN A BLUE MOON.

BonsoirAnna Wed 24-Jun-09 08:33:20

It would never cross my mind not to wash both socks in a pair in different loads hmm

BonsoirAnna Wed 24-Jun-09 08:33:52

in the same load


PM73 Wed 24-Jun-09 08:36:27

Or i would buy loads of plain black socks & then they will always pair up.

GooseyLoosey Wed 24-Jun-09 08:39:37

Really Anna - would you dig around in the laundry basket to match them up? Yuck! I kind of have the view that if it is so important to him, he can wash his own socks.

belgo Wed 24-Jun-09 08:40:15

Anna, it doesn't cross my mind either, in fact I just don't think about it at all, I just shove the washing in the machine vaguely matched up colour wise, trying to think about it as little as possible.

BonsoirAnna Wed 24-Jun-09 08:41:05

Absolutely! But then I also wash very rigorously by colour, and DP's socks are either black and all the same model (work) or bright colours (red, pink, orange) and go in the appropriate colour wash.

GooseyLoosey Wed 24-Jun-09 08:42:33

Belgo - your approach to the task sounds exactly the same as mine. If it's dark, it goes in a pile of dark washing and I add to the pile until there is enough to wash. I don't actually look at what is in it!

blinder Wed 24-Jun-09 08:46:37

Tie all his socks together into pairs with a long piece of string, like mittens. Not too short though in case he falls and hurts his wittle knees. He can thread the string up into his trousers and down the other leg.

Spend all day doing this so that he has no clean clothes for tomorrow.

GooseyLoosey Wed 24-Jun-09 08:59:40

I have such a lovely image of dh trying to shuffle with socks tied together! You know, I might actually do that.

Sheeta Wed 24-Jun-09 13:55:59

YABNU, I hate digging around the laundry basket for odd socks.
(which is why I was ALL the socks in one load, then there are no odd ones missing)

Now... if I could just get DH to put his fecking socks IN the laundry bin! grin

GooseyLoosey Wed 24-Jun-09 14:57:19

Was thinking of showing thread to dh - but not sure now. He might think I should be like Anna or get ideas about leaving socks where they fall!

3littlefrogs Wed 24-Jun-09 15:02:42

Buy him a laundry net bag with a zip. His responsibility to place all his dirty socks in it. You put the whole thing into the wash - then give it back to him. He can then match up the socks....

AMumInScotland Wed 24-Jun-09 15:06:08

You can get special clips to keep pairs of socks together in the wash - perhaps he could clip them together with those if it bothers him so much? I do whites / pale colours / dark colours, and do try to get everything in that category out of the basket, but I don't always catch every last sock, so DS and DH are used to getting back mainly pairs but with the occasional singleton, and manage to cope with that without any problem grin

AMumInScotland Wed 24-Jun-09 15:12:09

sock clips - link here grin

blinder Wed 24-Jun-09 15:14:25

Hang on - I'm sorry I made my suggestion. Because in suggesting that you sew together his socks I seem to have ushered in a rash of tips, designed to fulfill your husbands deepest sock-related desires.

What I meant to say was

angry make the baby wash his own bleedin socks from now on. Sheesh!

blinder Wed 24-Jun-09 15:15:17

liking the sock clips though blush

YanknCock Wed 24-Jun-09 18:03:56

YANBU. WTF does it matter if they are in different loads? If they make it back, clean, into his sock drawer eventually, he should be grateful.

My DH is trained to look at it as a bonus if the socks are paired up when he gets them back (but they're mostly black and fairly interchangeable).

The next mission is to get him to STOP balling them up so they are more 'aerodynamic' when he throws them in the general direction of the laundry basket. Nothing worse than having to unroll the nasty dirty socks before they go in the washer!

megapixels Wed 24-Jun-09 18:06:28

YANBU. If he wants it done a particular way he should do it himself. That's my motto .

ShellingPeas Wed 24-Jun-09 18:07:31

Doesn't your DH know that, even if you do match up your socks before washing, the sock fairy will come and steal at least one so that there is always one odd sock left at the end?

lizziemun Wed 24-Jun-09 19:55:18


I have something similar to the sock clipblush.

But they are like 2 sock clips joined together which you can hang the washing.

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