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To think you lot are all total snooker loopy

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Rollergirl1 Thu 18-Jun-09 21:58:59

In risk of being flamed again...

I'm sorry but i can't help but laugh at all this frantic sherlocking, checking people's user-names to see if first post, weighing up if troll or not, weighing up if to shout troll or not. Worried if made right call about shouting if might be troll or not.

I urge you. Just stop and read. It's insane. STOP THE MADNESS.

SlartyBartFast Thu 18-Jun-09 21:59:56

<<narrows eyes>>

who are you?


hocuspontas Thu 18-Jun-09 22:01:52

Only 57 posts hmm. Troll?

Thunderduck Thu 18-Jun-09 22:01:57

Stop the unnecessary use of capitals!

lollyheart Thu 18-Jun-09 22:03:02


Rollergirl1 Thu 18-Jun-09 22:03:09

I may or may not sleep under a bridge.

I'm watching psychoville now so if i don't reply in 30 mins it's not cos "i've lost interest in my own thread" or am concocting another demon bitch-troll username to torment you all with, I'm just living life. Okay?

lollyheart Thu 18-Jun-09 22:03:17


TeaOneSugar Thu 18-Jun-09 22:04:33

You are, the poster who is "board with "my husband left me" threads, yes.

KnickKnack Thu 18-Jun-09 22:05:49

You have to mumsnet whilst you watch tv, otherwise you are veering towards trolldom and not pure mumsnet grin

scottishmummy Thu 18-Jun-09 22:13:57

the troll patrol are canny out before they find you

shockers Thu 18-Jun-09 22:27:08

What's a troll? I like MN but I don't manage to get on more than about twice a week... am I one?

Rollergirl1 Thu 18-Jun-09 22:38:04

TeaOneSugar: Yes I am.

shockers: I doubt it. But then i might be one, so prob best not trust what I say. Best leave it to one of the seasoned professionals to decide. I'm sure they'll be one around soon. They have a nose for these things. Apparently.

Thunderduck Thu 18-Jun-09 22:38:10

A troll is an online trouble maker really. They post to provoke reactions, offend,cause disruption or even create false identities and stories.

You can get fun trolls though who post stories that make it obvious to all that they're just being silly and trying to make people laugh.

Lotster Thu 18-Jun-09 22:55:09

I think Rollergirl is less troll, and more river-folk

mrsruffallo Thu 18-Jun-09 22:57:25

Rollergirl, why are you so critical of MN?

Lissya Thu 18-Jun-09 22:59:15

T-Rollergirl... grin

Lizzylou Thu 18-Jun-09 23:00:10

Snooker Loopy lol

I used to have fab big blue Dennis Taylor glasses n the 80's.

I agree, btw, atm MN is bonkerz (I added the Z in an attempt to get down with the kids)

GypsyMoth Thu 18-Jun-09 23:02:18

What is the point of this thread?

Lissya Thu 18-Jun-09 23:02:36

PS. WTF is "snooker loopy", if you please? hmm

I am not loopy about snooker, if that's what you mean. I used to be quite partial to Steve Hendry but that was way back when.

Lotster Thu 18-Jun-09 23:04:28

Don't pretend you've never screwed back for the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black.

Rollergirl1 Thu 18-Jun-09 23:09:02

lotster: Better late than never. Tsk.

Lizzylou Thu 18-Jun-09 23:09:03

Pot the red and screw back, for the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black.....

Snooker Loopy Nuts are we, we are Snooker Loooooooooppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

We've all done it

Lissya Thu 18-Jun-09 23:14:15

You crazy, crazy chix...

Rollergirl1 Thu 18-Jun-09 23:16:04

mrsruffallo: i wouldn't say i'm critical. Just realistic. And hell, most people here hate my guts but i'm still posting so surely that say's something?

mrsruffallo Thu 18-Jun-09 23:16:47


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