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VinegarTits Tue 16-Jun-09 12:53:47

when did we get a WWUD topic?

why wasnt i informed?


psychomum5 Tue 16-Jun-09 12:55:16

last week I think.

I was very excited

there are lots of sparkly new topics, tis fun.

techs have been very busy!

Walkingwiththighosaurs Tue 16-Jun-09 12:58:31

What's a WWUD topic?

VinegarTits Tue 16-Jun-09 13:03:18

What Would You Do?

Its like a diplomatic version of AIBU me thinks grin

psychomum5 Tue 16-Jun-09 13:06:58

what would you do

junglist1 Tue 16-Jun-09 13:08:12

Just found it myself! Thanks VinegarTits (enjoyed typing your name by the way!)

Walkingwiththighosaurs Tue 16-Jun-09 13:55:13

Ah right I get it, That's good, sometimes AIBU does not quite fit the topic.

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