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to expect my part time job to be worthwhile, stimulating AND well-paid?

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eviz Mon 15-Jun-09 22:19:28

I have worked in the NHS for nearly 10 years. I am one of those non-clinical, overpaid bureaucrats who are regularly slated in the press. I totally agree. I got into the job by accident, stayed because of the security/salary/maternity pay/benefits but now having had 2 DC I'm desperate to do something more useful than sitting at a desk, sending the occasional email and trying not to fall asleep at meetings.

The trouble being that there are NO part-time jobs ANYWHERE.

So I should be grateful for my job, I suppose.

But some days I want to phone up The Sun and tell them how scandalous it is that people like me get paid to do nothing but push paper around, --make up-- write business cases and go to meetings 'for information'.

Rant over - thank you!

memoo Mon 15-Jun-09 22:21:20


moondog Mon 15-Jun-09 22:22:35

Tell us more.
I'm down on the NHS big time tonight.

chisigirl Mon 15-Jun-09 22:23:53

in a nutshell, yes YABU.

TrillianAstra Mon 15-Jun-09 22:24:13

Get them to employ me on the same terms. I will entertain you and we can concoct fantastic schemes on how to make everyone's lives better (in between sending hte occassional email and trying not to fall asleep in meetings).

AnyFucker Mon 15-Jun-09 22:27:50

what an ill-judged post

eviz Mon 15-Jun-09 22:28:28

I work 3 days a week.

I am in a non-client-facing role.

Today I had to attend a compulsory FULL DAY course on Conflict Resolution (learning how to defend self against physical attacks, diffuse aggression, apply pressure points, wrestle out of arm grips etc).

Why? Incase we are called to staff Swine Flu immunisation centres.

sunburntats Mon 15-Jun-09 22:29:28

Really? Do you really think that about your job?

All of the people that i come across in meetings do a very worthwhile job and make things happen...non clinical as well.
I have allot of respect for them.
What is your job title out of curiosity?

TheyCallMeLofty Mon 15-Jun-09 22:30:15

It must be terrible that you have a part time job that has good security/god salary/ good maternity pay and benefits.

And to think you get all that for doing hardly anything - I feel so sorry for you.

You would be much better if you were of the mass unemployed that are desperate for full time work to put food on the table and trying desperately keep their home.

I don't know how you're coping TBH

sunburntats Mon 15-Jun-09 22:31:54

aahh jeez, im sheduled to do conflict resolution, sounds joyful!

Now i agree with that, a complete waste of time! The only thing i will say is that there are usually people on these things who are entertaining arent there. (freaks i mean!)

Wonderstuff Mon 15-Jun-09 22:33:43

There should be more, better paid, part-time jobs available. If there were maybe men would do more childcare! Waste in the NHS is scandelous, but that isn't your fault I guess? I teach, so am lucky to have a good part time job. But I can't progress until I go back full-time. Is difficult. You can't have it all. Sad but true.

LadyG Mon 15-Jun-09 22:37:50

Hmmm well you never know could come in useful?
Dealing with irate consultants if not patients?

Could you not start a whistleblowing NHS 'timewasters blog' like that French woman did, get a fabulous book deal and not have to work any more??
There must be another job you can do within the NHS where you are actually helping? Can you not apply for a more interesting full-time job and then say you want to work part-time?

In my (clinical) role I know some excellent managers but also layers of 'complete waste of space',

sunburntats Mon 15-Jun-09 22:39:58

me too ladyg, i look at some managers and think " i want to be like you when i grow up"grin

pramspotter Mon 15-Jun-09 22:43:00

Why don't you come down to the ward and answer the phone? The 2 nurses to 26 patients (when one nurse to four is considered the maximum ratio for safety and quality care) are often running around on 12 to 14 hour shifts without a break and the phone rings constantly. It's scary to see how many errors and how much patient neglect the constant interruptions lead to.

sunburntats Mon 15-Jun-09 22:45:12

you hate that phone dont you pramspotter grin

did you get your drug round done in less time today?

eviz Mon 15-Jun-09 22:47:26

Thanks LadyG

I really didn't mean to offend anyone with this post.

I am just very frustrated and wrestling with my conscience because I believe my role does not contribute anything and I feel strongly that the money could be better invested elsewhere - the need for more clinical staff is well-documented.

Clearly I should wrestle privately, not on Mumsnet. I apologise.

eviz Mon 15-Jun-09 22:50:12

Pramspotter - I would love to. Am looking for roles in a Trust rather than PCT as I am at present. That's exactly my point - the NHS has it's priorities all wrong.

sunburntats Mon 15-Jun-09 22:50:26

ooh no eviz, its interesting what you say, dont go.
I know what point you are trying to make smile

AnyFucker Mon 15-Jun-09 22:50:37

thanks eviz

not your finest moment, I shouldn't imagine, in these days of recession, redundancies and threats of repossession

boogiewoogie Mon 15-Jun-09 22:51:01

Not unreasonable to want a job that ticks all those boxes. It is difficult to find a part time job that meets that criteria.

But only you can change that. Would you rather have the job you are in now or not one at all if you are adamant that there are no part-time jobs ANYWHERE.

sunburntats Mon 15-Jun-09 22:51:46

what is your job title though?

TheyCallMeLofty Mon 15-Jun-09 22:51:49

Moaning about having a job in the current climate is both unwise and inconsiderate (to put it midly) and, so yes you should 'wrestle' privately IMO

TheyCallMeLofty Mon 15-Jun-09 22:53:23

And to be honest you should consider yourself lucky you are abe to even consider switching positions

eviz Mon 15-Jun-09 22:54:18

Point taken Lofty, thank you. Ill-considered I accept. I shall take my wrestling to bed, and think before posting in future. Good night..

moondog Mon 15-Jun-09 22:56:57

Let her speak.What she has to say is of relevance to her all.
It certainly resonates with me as an NHS worker.

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