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To not particularly like it when when my Mum declares my baby has asthma and hayfever?

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CurryMaid Mon 15-Jun-09 14:00:36

She doesn't, well she certainly hasn't been diagnosed with either.

She had a fever at the weekend and her eyes were streaming, plus she's still got a lingering cough from a cold a few weeks a go which we have seen the GP about (who practically rolled his eyes when I turned up).

I just felt a bit sensitive when my Mum declared "she's got asthma and hayfever" especially as she'll now no doubt go and tell the rest of the family that.

I know I'm being toucht but I just think it's a bit insensitive to go round diagnosing 10 month old babies with chronic conditions when you really know jack-all (she's not a Dr btw!)

mumto3boys Mon 15-Jun-09 14:06:08

YANBU. My children DO have asthma and hayfever but to diagnose a 10 month old on the basis of coughs etc is just ridiculous, plus upsetting for you. She probably doesn't realise how serious asthma can be, as you say it's a chronic condition.

One of my boys often gets streaming eyes with a cold and sometimes a fever. Plus coughs after colds can apparently last for up to 6 weeks, according to our GP. It's hard to tell as my lot usually get another cold before the 6 weeks is up!

I'm sure your mum doesn't mean to upset, but probably doesn't realise how serious asthma is. According to our asthma / allergy nurse, it's quite rare for babies to get hayfever, although not impossible.

MIAonline Mon 15-Jun-09 14:11:00

YANBU, That is just the sort of thing my mum does. Or gives me 'solutions' to medical problems, or gives some half baked reason as to why someone has got a medical problem (i.e didn't wear a vest ) It is very annoying.

Just smile and say next time you are at the docs you will be sure to mention it, don't do what I do ans attempt to disagree, there is no logic to it, but they sure as hell believe their own crap theories grin

Geocentric Mon 15-Jun-09 14:18:04

YANBU, my mum does that too - 'DS must have diabetes'; 'DS must be ADHD'... drives me nuts!

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