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to think that people should be able to sit in their garden without having to listen to other peoples music?

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fufflebum Mon 15-Jun-09 11:27:18

I am wondering if I am being unreasonable but wanted to gauge some opinion.....

Here goes we live in a detatched house on an estate but our neighbours (at the back ) seem to like spending a lot of time in their garden. Nothing wrong in this but when they are out there they seem to have to have their radio on. This can go on for hours. Sometimes it is loud enough to hear the song playing, othertimes a low mumbling thump. I am not expecting to sit in the garden in complete silence, god knows my two kids prevent that! However, is it too much to ask that sometimes they could turn the radio off?
This weekend we had it all weekend and very late into Saturday night/sunday morning as they had family around and you could hear voices in the garden.
I am especially sensitive as another neighbour (side on from us) has the occasional bbq and party/disco that goes on until 1 am.
I would never dream of taking a radio in to the garden to listen to music and the children only play out in the garden for an hour or so at a time. Whilst I do expect some noise I cannot understand why I should have to put up with what feels like noise pollution! I am beginning to dread the weekend now. AIBU?

laweaselmys Wed 17-Jun-09 15:43:04

I think the iPod solution is total pants. To start with radios are cheap to buy and free to run iPods are not - I spent years saving up to get mine, and as and when you fancy listening to something new you have to pay for it.

Given that it was so expensive there is no way I am putting it in my pocket and pottering around in the garden with it! ipod in the watering can? No thank you.

I also wouldn't be able to hear my baby crying with earphones in.

Quiet enough that you can only just hear it is NBU. YABU.

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