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to be annoyed at inconsiderate neighbours?

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heartmoonshadow Sun 14-Jun-09 18:20:49


I know that at this time of year it is warm and nice to go in your garden and have a BBQ. But I live in a small village with mainly older neighbours and I am expecting my first child in the next few weeks. The older neighbours are delightful, helpful and considerate and we try to be the same but one of the locals has four young children and often invites his whole family (about 20 odd people) to his house for impromptu parties. They have Kerrang radio blasting all day and the language they use to discipline the childen, well I'm no angel but when a sentence contains more expletives than ordinary words I get angry.

The man yells at his children and those of others and there is always one of them crying because they have been smacked - it really ruins a lovely afternoon. And to top it all today the idiot decided to spray his fence and has ended up ruining a load of the babies new stuff I had put out on the line in my garden. I have been round to show him the damage and he said I should have realised he has to do garden maintenance.

What a pig!!!!!

Anyway I have documented the behaviour and I am going to contact the council but to be honest as he is a private owner so he will not be penalised in anyway.

Any ideas anyone?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 14-Jun-09 19:01:44

Do you mean he was painting his fence? Surely he has a duty (civil rather than criminal) to make good/compensate you for the damage to your baby clothes? Sue him in the Small Claims court!

ItsAllaBitNoisy Sun 14-Jun-09 19:07:01

Well having to listen to foul language and loud music must come under some sort of environmental disturbance law?

Also, it is just plan common sense to have a look around you before using a sprayer.

I'd ring the local council and have a chat, see if anything can be done.

Peachy Sun 14-Jun-09 19:29:01

Erm, if he sprays your laundry isn't that criminal damage? Might be worth asking someone who knows?

Sounds like an arse

Kimi Sun 14-Jun-09 19:40:54

Chap next door but one was out in his shed at 11.30 last night with a fecking angle grinder

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 14-Jun-09 19:53:01

Peachy, I think it's only criminal damage if he intended to catch the OP's washing, which is why I suggested a civil case. I could be wrong, though.

kylesmyloveheart Sun 14-Jun-09 23:23:54

i was woken yesterday morning at 4am by neighbour and his girlfiend having the loudest sex ever (AGAIN). they both groan and grunt at the top of their voices. she also gives a running commentary of ** my ** harder!

i did bang on their front door last week when i was reading with ds 7 in bed and they were at it the other side of the wall.

can i really compain about their sex life!!

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