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to be very late for church or possibly not even go

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TheProvincialLady Sun 14-Jun-09 10:13:16

DS2 went for a nap at 9am, from which he would normally wake at 9.40, just giving me time to get him ready and get to church a bit early.

He didn't sleep brilliantly last night and is still asleep. This never happens when I want it to!

So I am already 10 minutes late for church and even if he woke up now I would be nearly half an hour late. But there is a coffee morning afterwards to raise money for a good cause. And I promised myself I would not miss church unless we were ill, after a few months of hardly going due to being pregnant and then having a newborn and a 2 year old.


Ronaldinhio Sun 14-Jun-09 10:16:51

you are not being unreasonable

what about a quick prayer, a cup of mellow birds and a fiver in a charity box to make amends?

jumpjockey Sun 14-Jun-09 10:20:20

Is there another service later in the day? YANBU, we've missed mass several times if dd has been asleep or in a horrendous mood, just say a prayer and maybe look up the readings for the day. That way you can make the most of the peace (well, if DS1 lets you wink).

TheProvincialLady Sun 14-Jun-09 10:23:06

The only other service is evensong at 6.30, impossible for me at the moment.

You are right and I will say a prayer. If DS2 wakes up I will go to the coffee morning bit and make my apologies.

Lol at the idea of DS1 giving me any peacegrin

Bathsheba Sun 14-Jun-09 10:23:15

Our church services start at 11 and are 2 hours long. There are ALWAYS people who meander in at around 11:45 ish...

My theory - hey, they come every week..!!! How easy would it be for them to think "ah well, we are late, we won't go" which is a habit that people can very quickly get into..

So, hey, going late is way better than not going at all.

TheProvincialLady Sun 14-Jun-09 10:23:28

What is mellow birds by the way?

Ronaldinhio Sun 14-Jun-09 10:55:30


TheProvincialLady Sun 14-Jun-09 11:09:55


Ds2 is still asleep and going for a daytime record His previous personal best was 1.5 hours. I think this was meant to be.

curiositykilled Sun 14-Jun-09 11:52:05

YANBU - Going to church shouldn't be a drag, it's spirituality that matters not church attendance. Say a prayer and go to the coffee morning.

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