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for not being asked to pick up my ds2 from school

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PaulaAtMummyKnowsBest Fri 12-Jun-09 16:03:44

I am working nights at the moment (6 nights a week with triplets grin) so when the phone rang today at lunch time, my DH answered it as i was half asleep (I am trying to catch up on sleep during the day).

When i asked who it was, he said it was the school. DS2 (aged 5) has hurt his head but is fine.

I arrive at school at normal time to collect my ds2 to find that he has cut the back of his head and has blood all over his school shirt. I was a bit pathetic and cried when i saw and now feel really bad that I didn't go and pick him up at lunch time. He is 100% fine and until you see the blood, you'd never know that he's hurt.

Should the school have asked Dh to pick up DS2 or am I being overly sensitive due to tiredness?

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 12-Jun-09 16:06:32

head injury they should have asked a parent to collect him, imo.

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 12-Jun-09 16:06:57

sorry about punctuation

in a rsuh

Heated Fri 12-Jun-09 16:11:41

Well, head wounds do bleed - a lot - and look really dramatic, especially on a nice white blotting shirt! If the cut has already started to heal and ds was non too fazed by the whole thing, then the school were right imo.

Otoh, if it looks like it needs gluing or ds was dazed/potential concussion then yes, one of you should have been summoned. Since dh took the call, presumably they were letting you know, but they & dh were not too concerned?

Triplets & nights, by god you must be tired!

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