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am I expecting too much re private healthcare?

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ClaireDeLoon Fri 12-Jun-09 14:19:01

I have seen a gynae privately using my health insurance. I was referred to him by my GP. I saw him, he did a smear and booked me in for a scan. I had my scan last Tuesday (2nd) and still have not heard anything back from the gynae (I had a letter from him just before scan confirming smear was fine).

The scan was done at the same private hospital as I saw the gynae at, so it can't be a delay in getting the scan prints etc to him.

I rang his secretary yesterday and she promised to call me back today - just tried calling again (just gone 2pm) and I am getting answerphone.

Am I expecting too much? I have never used private healthcare before other than physio. I just want to know if I need to book another appointment as he's only there on Tuesdays. I don't want to come across as pushy or annoying to his secretary though.

I just want to know what is going on, it's very stressful. Am I being unreasonable to expect it to be a better service than this?

NewTeacher Fri 12-Jun-09 14:23:59


all over the place so only at a particular hospital for one day. Then they are in NHS hossies too as well as operating on people as well.

Yes you should get better service but he's probably tied up in an operation or something..

Stigaloid Fri 12-Jun-09 14:26:11

YANBU - you are paying for a service they are not providing.

ClaireDeLoon Fri 12-Jun-09 14:27:17

I think this is his only private clinic and then he's a consultant at the local NHS hospital in Stevenage. That was what his letterhead seemed to say anyway - it gave the private hospital address, the NHS hospital address and his home address. But I completely understand what you're saying, I just think a quick letter or call from his secretary to say make an appointment would have been useful.

Should I try his secretary again in a little while? Will she be annoyed at me?

callalilies Fri 12-Jun-09 14:30:23

YANBU, private healthcare usually equates to exemplary service ime, which is just as it should be.

ClaireDeLoon Fri 12-Jun-09 14:48:17

Just tried secretary again and left message on answerphone - wonder if just works mornings maybe.

I really wanted to know what was going on before the weekend, sick of worrying about all this

ClaireDeLoon Fri 12-Jun-09 16:40:52

No response to the message I left which is really rubbish isn't it

Maybe there will be letter when I get in from work.

busterk Fri 12-Jun-09 17:29:47

My husband had cancer and goes for his quarterly check ups. During this he is scanned and bloods taken. Usually takes doctor about 1 to 2 weeks to get back to him with results scans and apointmenta are at same hospital. Doctor consults on a Friday night and tends to contact husband on a friday or sat morning. Maybe this is the same for your doctor maybe he/she will contact next time they are at clinic.

I know it doesn't stop you worrying.

busterk Fri 12-Jun-09 17:31:59

Was supposed to say appointments

ClaireDeLoon Fri 12-Jun-09 17:49:13

I got in and no letter so I tried secretary again, no response, tried the private hospital and they weren't answering.

I then rang my insurers to ask them what to do - they agreed it was a bit shoddy and said try to contact again Monday and if no response they will get me another gynae to go see and start it all over again.

Then I tried the hospital again and they answered - the lady I spoke to said that I should have had a follow up appointment about a week after my scan (so that would be Tuesday just gone). She was going to ring the consultant and either get him to call me or him to say to her I needed a follow up appointment and she'd ring me back so I could book that.

It's all so stressful

ClaireDeLoon Fri 12-Jun-09 19:15:33

hurrah my consultant rang me with my results!!

TheRealMrsJohnSimm Fri 12-Jun-09 19:39:49

Glad you finally got your results.

I would say that was very poor service from private health care. I saw a gynae consultant a few months ago. I was with her for 1.5 hours during which time she gave me physical exam and a detailed ultrasound scan (there was a sonographer in the room too but the consultant wanted to check for herself). I had all results back then and there.

arabicabean Fri 12-Jun-09 21:17:12

No, I think that your consultant has been rather inefficient.

I have a lot of experience of private healthcare (I chose to have private obstetric care during my pregnancy). My obstetrician rang me with the results 2 hours after my blood was taken for an HCG test! The results of my fetal scans and letter to my consultant were always ready at the end of my scan appointment. Most blood test results were available in a very short time (Harley St). Things went very smoothly and without my need to chase in my care of nearly 35 weeks. You should have had a better service.

The consultant's secretrary makes all the difference in my opinion. Mine was separate to this NHS one (not all are) and worked full-time at the private clinc (not all do). Communication was very efficient as a result.

ClaireDeLoon Fri 12-Jun-09 21:43:15

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It's interesting to know what to expect in future. The initial consultation and the scan were all fine and promptly organised, just the results. I do wonder if I hadn't chased so much if they'd have ever got back to me.

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