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to wear tights with open toe wedges? Quick replies needed please

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itsbeingsocheerful Fri 12-Jun-09 11:42:17

Thanks. Looks odd but legs aren't up to being nakid yet and need to go to work. And because I'm a slattern I've no ironed trousers

hf128219 Fri 12-Jun-09 11:43:03

Need to get tights with no seams on toes - they do exist.

Rindercella Fri 12-Jun-09 11:43:24

YABU. No way can you do that - sorry.

Get yourself off MN & iron some trousers. grin

ChippingIn Fri 12-Jun-09 11:43:27

No no no no no

Naked legs or shoes with toes in!!

alicecrail Fri 12-Jun-09 11:44:08

I shouldn't worry too much. Get bright coloured tights, then it doesn't matter

watfordmummy Fri 12-Jun-09 11:44:48

no no no here too

Bettymum Fri 12-Jun-09 11:45:05

I have been known to wear John Lewis Barely There tights with peeptoes.

missblythe Fri 12-Jun-09 11:46:03

Fishnets-yes, that's fine

Normal tights-get the iron out.

itsbeingsocheerful Fri 12-Jun-09 11:46:58

You are all right. I knew it. But hoping I would get away with it. Too late to iron. Have to wear other shoes. Thanks for saving me from myself!

McSnail Fri 12-Jun-09 13:57:57

I do it all the time and it looks LOVELY.

Don't see a problem with it in the slightest.

Tidey Fri 12-Jun-09 14:01:09

Yeah, get ahold of some of those tights where your toes stick out.

GreenMonkies Fri 12-Jun-09 14:01:49

No no no no no!!!!! bare legs of covered toes! or trousers!!

MadreInglese Fri 12-Jun-09 14:03:45

It can work sometimes, depends on the colours and styles

stripeypineapple Fri 12-Jun-09 14:06:29

Don't do it, it's a mistake.

OrmIrian Fri 12-Jun-09 14:06:59

Oh yes you are. Please please rethink....

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 12-Jun-09 14:45:17

dont do it

just as old men anyone should NEVER wear socks and sandles

babybarrister Fri 12-Jun-09 15:44:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheDevilWearsYFronts Fri 12-Jun-09 15:45:59

Tights without toes are wrong. Seamless toe tights are okay.

SoupDragon Fri 12-Jun-09 15:46:24

No, no and NO again.


jabberwocky Fri 12-Jun-09 15:55:03


Try footless tights.

mumeeee Fri 12-Jun-09 15:56:11

YANBU. done that before

blowninonabreeze Fri 12-Jun-09 15:58:46

obviously no good for now grin

but my mum has several pairs of these

If not wearing those then NO NO NO

blowninonabreeze Fri 12-Jun-09 16:00:18

forget that link, thats not the right thing. Basically they're sheer tights which stop leaving your toes bare

bloss Fri 12-Jun-09 16:14:19

Message withdrawn

fucksticks Fri 12-Jun-09 16:15:45

coloured tights fine but sheer tights NO WAY

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