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to want this friendship to peter out?

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SerendipitousHarlot Thu 11-Jun-09 13:16:21

Ok, a bit of background.

My best friend is my colleague at work, where we met 4 years ago.

We have a funny relationship - he is a single gay man, and I am a married straight woman - but we enjoy each others compant, like a lot of the same music, books, theatre and nights out etc. Plus, he makes me pmpl, always a bonus.

Anyway.... over the last few months, I'm starting to see things in him that I really don't like in a person. He is incredibly selfish for one thing, everything has to be either his way or the highway - oh there's loads of stuff, I'd be here all day

Recently we went on out monthly works night out (piss up) and someone in our group had some trouble with some random woman in a pub, so we all got thrown out. Classy, I know As a result of this, my friend got in a mardy and stropped off, leaving me on my own to follow him to the taxi rank at 1 in the morning shock - I suppose this is partly why I'm re-evaluating the friendship a bit.

But also the work stuff is really getting me down. He spends all day moaning and whinging about work and how much he hates the job, how he's the only one that ever does anything properly, blah blah - bear in mind that I work on the same desk, and am pretty good myself, thanks! angry

I just don't know how to deal with him. I have a family and work full time, and really don't have the time or the inclination to deal with someone that's becoming increasingly needy and moany all day, every day...

Any ideas? Sorry it's so long

madwomanintheattic Thu 11-Jun-09 13:20:22

take him out, get him really drunk, and tell him he's making himself a pita and better shape up or ship out. he sounds as though he is having ishoos at present, and a short sharp shock might be answer... it might not. if he bursts into tears and fesses up what's the real problem, at least you'll know as his friend and can help him deal with it. if he continues to be a pita himself, at least he'll know you can't be bothered with it any more, and that's why you're refusing to play ball.

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