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to expect a car key to last longer than 9 months?

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FairMidden Wed 10-Jun-09 16:31:53

So we got our Laguna second hand from a non-Renault dealer a couple of years back. It has this silly keycard instead of a normal key, and after having it for a year it broke. We had to buy a replacement for over a hundred quid. The replacement then died 6 months later and we had to get another one. 9 months down the line the same thing has happened and when I went into the dealership today to have a grump they told me I'd have to pay for yet another key because the 12 month parts warranty was void a year after we bought the first replacement.

So, despite the fact that the keys they are supplying do not even last as long as the warranty they provide, they will not be giving us another and we'll have to pay for it ourselves.

I spoke to a very reasonable man in customer services who heard me out but said that because we bought from a non-Renault dealership, didn't have a Renault dealer do the servicing and weren't likely to buy another (well, can you blame us?!) he wasn't going to do anything about it and he'd leave us to pay for another ourselves (which we have no reason to expect to last more than a few months).

AIBU to be a bit angry and shock and

MitchyInge Thu 11-Jun-09 15:31:49


time for a new car?

NetworkNanniesSurrey Thu 11-Jun-09 23:26:00

Ok, so the first key you paid for. Did you buy the second key or was it given as a replacement for the faulty first key (under the warranty?)

If it was given to you FREE then it would only have the remaining balance of the ORIGINAL key you paid for. This means that you would have to pay again.

If you had to pay anything towards the second key you are entitled to a new 12 month warranty.

Regardless of where the car is from, you would have had to go to the Renault dealer to have the key card programmed (and to get the security codes) i am guessing? Therefore the KEY waranty is with them. Parts AND labour get 12 months in a dealership so they should cover it if you paid for it in the last 12 months. These cards are notorious for being dodgy.

Oh, in case you are wodering, i worked in a Renault service centre for 4 years... wink

FairMidden Fri 12-Jun-09 20:44:47

Ah yes, the second key was given to us under the warranty. As the warranty is now finished we're left with paying for another one. And I don't want to pay over a hundred pounds for something that will be buggered again within a few months. So I understand the situation with the warranty but I think given the appalling reliability of these things it's a bloody cheek to expect me to replace it again.

NetworkNannies - do you drive a Renault? I'd be interested to know ...!

We won't have another. I'm afraid our next vehicle will not be French!

thank you for hearing out my rant


[assumes lotus position]

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