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To stop cooking dinner for a week or so?

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JoyS Wed 10-Jun-09 15:33:58

Just going to have a little whinge here.

DD1 only eats fish and vegetarian, very healthy but a bit limited. Also, she's 3, so she doesn't eat that much of anything. DH is usually appreciative of home-cooked meals but we're both getting a bit tired of fish. So if he gets home after the children have had dinner, he will just do an egg and toast for himself instead of eating the meal I've cooked.

So AIBU to feed the children (DD2 is 11 months and will eat anything) items from the freezer or pasta for the next week or so and let DH fend for himself? Can't be bothered cooking 2 or more meals and sick of the massive leftovers. Currently have a ton of really tasty shrimp & pasta in the fridge, made it last night, DD1 ate the shrimp out of it and refused the rest, DH ate none. So frustrating.

Tommy Wed 10-Jun-09 15:40:39

course you're not!

I cook 2 dinners every day - one for DSs and one for DH and me. Sometimes DH has a GYO evening (get your own)

supagirl Wed 10-Jun-09 17:50:39

This struck a chord!

Yanbu. I am going through this "issue" a bit atm. I get brekkie for Lo's and me, then lunch for me and dd (only her at home in day), then tea for DC's, then dinner for dp and I as we eat later and eat different things to DC's then I make pack ups for LO's and dp........

Feel like a mela machine and sometimes feel sorely tempted to go on strike. I know I am sahm but come on! hmm

So, no imho yanbu at all! Good for you - might even joint you! envy


supagirl Wed 10-Jun-09 17:51:32

That should say meal machine....see it's even affecting my mind!!!! wink

3littlefrogs Wed 10-Jun-09 17:52:49

Why does dd1 only eat fish and vegetarian?

JoyS Wed 10-Jun-09 19:46:46

She eats fish and veg because it's what she likes. Strange but true, if it swims she will eat it but if it walks on land she turns up her nose. She can sometimes be cajoled into eating very fine roast chicken but it has to be done just right.

The upside is that we do go out for sushi a lot! She's a fairly adventurous (sp?) eater except for the whole animal flesh thing.

Supagirl, I am a sahm too so feel I should be providing my family with healthy balanced meals. Lucky for me DH is quite happy with his egg and toast so think I will just get in some nice sandwich fixings and kick back for a week or so.

If anyone has any good fish recipes they want to share please do so!

BiscuitStuffer Wed 10-Jun-09 21:18:12

Honestly. I would stop letting DD1 dictate your entire menu and your family. I would do either of the following:

1. Cook a meal for the girls (in batches for the freezer too) and do 1/3rds of fish / vegetarian / meat across the week. DD1 won't learn to enjoy other foods if she is never exposed to them. Just looking at and smelling different foods will be helpful. She can pick out what she wants and always ensure that there's some form of protein (e.g. cheese / beans) on everyones plate with the meal that you've cooked OR (I prefer this option) offer protein at snack time so you know she's had it on offer throughout the day. This will mean that she will be getting all the food groups on offer at various times of the day.

....and cook a separate meal for you and your DH to eat together later on (or pull out one of your meals from a batch cook in the freezer).

2. Cook one meal that the girls eat together and you and DH eat later. So, you only cook once.

Please don't rally around your DD1 - it isn't healthy for her or for your family dynamics.

Lostinparenthood Wed 10-Jun-09 22:37:37

I would like to go on strike too. DH peed off tonight as I have left him to fend for himself, I've an exam next week so I am busy --messing on the forums-- revising. I hate being the one who has to plan the weeks meals, buy the food, and cook the bloody thing.


3littlefrogs Wed 10-Jun-09 22:46:04

I agree with BiscuitStuffer - that is what I was going to suggest, but wanted to check there wasn't an allergy/intolerance problem.

You have years of family meals ahead of you, so you are right to get this sorted out now.

It really is important to deal with fussy eating early - it becomes a social handicap if allowed to persist into adulthood.

ChippingIn Wed 10-Jun-09 23:05:29

BiscuitStuffer/3littlefrogs - there's nothing actually wrong with being a vegetarian you know - it't not yet a criminal activity! No one said she was fussy, just doesn't eat flesh! It's only 'limited' if you don't know what to cook and FGS it's healthy!

JoyS - I am veggie (suprise, suprise) and a real one (no chicken or fish). I think you should get some other veggie recipes and start including more pulses/beans (they can be nice and don't have to be hippy lentil bakes you know ). Then batch cook some meals. There are lots of meals you can make that you can all have - with meat on the side for those who want it. Regarding the protein issue that non veggies worry so about, there is a LOT of protein in vegetables etc and you really don't need to worry about it. There are a lot of great books/websites that will help you.

Once you start cooking things other than fish, you'll probably find DH is happy to have what you have cooked. If he isn't and it's going to waste you need to talk to him. It's one thing to cook a bit of fish & veg for a 3 yo and quite another to be cooking a full meal for all of you then DH not eating it. You could discuss what meals he enjoys/will try etc and then tell him some nights will be DIY nights or share the 'adult' cooking in the evening. However, if he's genuinely happy with an egg & toast and doesn't want to cook in the evenings - fair call - and I'd let him go with that - so long as you both know where you stand and are both happy.

Long winded I know - but I feel for you and think with a few changes it could be a lot easier - the constant feeding with 2 adults and 2 children can be relentless!

JoyS Thu 11-Jun-09 05:40:05

What a nice mumsnet combination of commiseration, good ideas and tough love!

Think I will definitely try the veggie ideas. DH and I are not big meat-eaters except for the odd shepherd's pie so it hasn't been that onerous for us to give it up. Would like to put chicken back in the mix though.

Batch cooking also a great idea, will give it a try!

Made salmon cakes for the kids tonight and DH & I had sandwiches later. Much easier on everyone.

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