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to feel embarassed and ashamed that obese tourists don't seem to have a conscience?

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vaseofwildflowers Wed 10-Jun-09 01:02:06

Ok I understand comfort eaters often have mental health issues and I don't want to tar every overweight person with the same brush.

But, eating enough for a family of four in every meal in a third world country where many starve or disable their children to beg for food, or putting their enormous backsides on a tiny donkey with its ribs poking through to climb the side of a mountain; or eating a US themepark turkey thigh which could feed a whole family but eaten as a 'snack' or drinking a 'bucket'ful of soft drink instead of a cupful; I mean, how can any of this happen?

Are obese people so unconcerned that to fuel their craving for the food their bodies don't need factory farming is on the scale it is, with all the misery for the animals that go with it?

FenellaFudge Wed 10-Jun-09 01:04:52

I'm not really interested in what you're saying but can I just check...would it be ok to do all those things you describe if you are not obese?

True about the donkeys though...poor little fuckers sad

Tortington Wed 10-Jun-09 01:05:11

its got nowt to do with asda and tesco selling chickens at 2 for a fiver - and becuase they are cheap more people buy them has it - oh no its cos fat fuckers eat 5 chickens a day

FenellaFudge Wed 10-Jun-09 01:05:37


Such a pretty name.

Tortington Wed 10-Jun-09 01:06:32

and how is it that a a fatty stopping eating is in any way at all gonna help donkeys and starving children in another country?

FenellaFudge Wed 10-Jun-09 01:07:07

kind of puts me in mind of some sort of receptacle, filled with blooms plucked straight from the meadow. Dunno why, I'm just funny like that I spose <shrug>

Quattrocento Wed 10-Jun-09 01:10:50

Ah, hello Jojo. I see you've changed your name again. Wise to choose a dissimilar one this time. Glad you've learned to change your posting style a bit, and very astute of you to start the other troll thread on obesity with a different name and posting style.

But you have not taken my advice and I am getting a bit grumpy now. I suggested very gently that we like our trolls funny on MN. Can you do humour? You could google it and try a few jokes at least?

vaseofwildflowers Wed 10-Jun-09 01:24:42

(Sorry I am not Jojo).

I suppose if more people thought of the ethical implications of being a rich westerner in a third world country they wouldn't have such an urge to gorge?

But you're right, this isn't just about obese tourists. But it does worry me that culturally, the sight of so much near naked blubber on a third world beach makes many local people disgusted. Especially as many of these tourists have not read up on local etiquette, or religious/customs before arriving.

But is it a lack of conscience?

FenellaFudge Wed 10-Jun-09 01:26:29

Where is this third world, tourist attraction beach that you speak of?

MatNanPlus Wed 10-Jun-09 01:26:46

Boring <yawn>

vaseofwildflowers Wed 10-Jun-09 01:31:35

I can think of many, wherever the cruise ships dock basically.

Sorry if it's boring, I just think it's absolutely obscene that babies are dying of starvation while others are gorging themselves til they are as big as blimps.

Maybe if they are put in the same room it would cure obesity better than a gastric band.

SolidGoldBrass Wed 10-Jun-09 01:40:54

Wouldn't your whining piety concern be better directed at the multinational corporations and governments who have exploited the resources of the developing world, artificially held down prices for goods produced in the developing world and propped up greedy dictators for the sale of favourable oil dealings? Tourism (whether the tourists are fat or thin) at least brings money into the countries and can help local economies, to some extent.

onagar Wed 10-Jun-09 02:02:18

Well the best idea is not to visit third world countries in the first place. It would put me right off my meal if I had all those starving people watching me - I'd have to chase them away first.

Anyway, they should all get jobs and not BE starving. It's so inconsiderate.

vaseofwildflowers Wed 10-Jun-09 06:50:23

I can see your point SGB but is it wrong to expect a single obese rich westerner to have a conscience about their behaviour on a world scale rather than just an individual scale?

(Of course may be they can't help it on an individual scale because everyone knows it's hard to lose weight.)

I would also go as to wonder if cocaine snorters/heroin users have a conscience about the death and misery and/or poisoning of rainforests etc that goes on for them to have their fix.

Ditto diamonds, palm oil users, users of tropical hardwood garden furniture/fossil fuels... etc yes I can see this is getting nowhere, we're all guilty as hell.

Thank you at least for making me think a bit less critically of certain rich westerners, we're all as bad.

JenniPenni Wed 10-Jun-09 07:06:24

'But it does worry me that culturally, the sight of so much near naked blubber on a third world beach makes many local people disgusted.'

As an obese person through 11 years of heavy steroid use (am a severe asthmatic) I think your post and uses of words like 'blubber' are offensive and unkind.

I myself come from a third world country... and I can tell you that the English have a FAR bigger problem with obese people than any third world country does. The death looks I get sometimes are disgusting... and I have held back many a tear... the irony being I probably eat a lot less than that slimmer person.

Many slim people gorge themselves but are fortunate never to put weight on... is your post aimed to them too? I hope so. Although it seems unlikely.

And no, I wouldn't get on the donkey. I am very aware of my weight (as many obese people are).

Lastly... I have a conscience.

Longtalljosie Wed 10-Jun-09 07:07:39

I am fed up with people banging on about obesity. It's boring, and seems to be borne of a nasty mixture of voyeurism and one-upmanship.

Unicornvomit Wed 10-Jun-09 07:08:47

i imagine if tourists of any size stopped going to all these countries, their citizens and economies would be suffering even more.

what countries are you talking about... the US themepark is not in a 3rd world country

i see your point, but you are making it badly and rudely.

itwasntme Wed 10-Jun-09 07:09:30

I don't care how much anyone eats.

But I agree, if you are that heavy, it is just ghastly to do
this to a donkey.

Have a heart

Unicornvomit Wed 10-Jun-09 07:10:41

a rich fat westerner is not the reason that babies are starving

babies in africa are not starving because my son does not finish his supper

the two things are not connected

put together a decent arguement about how the 3rd world could be lifted out of hideous grinding poverty and come back with a less judgey OP

JenniPenni Wed 10-Jun-09 07:14:53

itwasntme that woman is STUPID to get on that poor little donkey. They really need to implement some rules there (like the 8 stone rule in the UK for donkeys)... but I guess they are after the £££ and don't have the donkey's welfare at heart. Such a shame sad

gingernutlover Wed 10-Jun-09 07:17:33

hmmmm can't see why fat tourists are any worse than skinny ones?

Maybe cruise ships shouldn't allow the fat ones to get off at ports incase they make the locals feel too bad about not being fat and well fed. Only let the really skinny tourists get off, that will make the starving children feel so much better!

I must admit I do look at my very large friend and wonder why she continues to eat so much - but then she isnt doing it out of lack of conscience for the third world, she is doing it becasue she has a problem with food.

quidnunc Wed 10-Jun-09 07:17:47

This a particularly dull and incendiary attempt at trolling. Go do some thinking and try harder next time. It about as funny as poke in the eye.


<another yawn>

PM73 Wed 10-Jun-09 08:32:39

I think the weirdo op has issues.

Shouldn't you be revising for your exams or in school?

QuintessentialShadow Wed 10-Jun-09 08:42:51

"I would also go as to wonder if cocaine snorters/heroin users have a conscience about the death and misery and/or poisoning of rainforests etc that goes on for them to have their fix.

Ditto diamonds, palm oil users, users of tropical hardwood garden furniture/fossil fuels... etc yes I can see this is getting nowhere, we're all guilty as hell."

OP Such a shame you did not start off your op bringing up these particular issues rather than a most ferocious attack on obese people.

For somebody who advocates awarenes and self control (in eating, cocaine snorting, palm oil usage, etc, donkey climbing) you seem awfully bereft of the same. Where I come from, we call it a case of "mouth diaorrhea"

bubblagirl Wed 10-Jun-09 08:50:20

to be honest the negativity to weight and lack of understanding from people is sadly waht causes alot of people to die of anorexia as there afraid of being big with such negativity to weight

some people are big some people are not but the nastiness needs to stop im sure the obese people are aware of what they are doing to there bodies the ones who over eat this is there life let them live it

the obese people who cannot help there weight and are healthy etc should be able to be proud of who they are without being called names

and people who gain weight should not feel they need to throw up after each meal or starve themselves in fear of being called names

our country alone has spent alot of money sending money to these third world countries and unfortunately out of all the hundreds and millions of pounds sent over no change seems to be obvious someone not eating isnt going to help

and regardless of weight i wouldn't do anything that was potentially cruel to an animal

its getting boring the talk of obesity and the negativity towards weight

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