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to decide to put all my posts in the camping topic?

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DeepGoat Tue 09-Jun-09 21:11:21

everyone is lovely and nothing is so dreadfully it can't be solved by a nice camping kitchen or a gelert fanjo popup.

Doodle2U Tue 09-Jun-09 21:13:31

Oh don't bank on it Goat. I got caught out with similar thinking, only to find myself having a row in Chicken Keepers. It was a very bruising experience.

DeepGoat Tue 09-Jun-09 21:14:16

lol @ being pecked by the chicken keepers. i imagine it is pretty mental over there.

Doodle2u Wed 10-Jun-09 14:11:28

blush I think I actually started it, Goat blush

Mind, I could start a row with myself in an empty room sometimes!

Outwell pop-ups are fab by the way grin

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