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to give up with a mother with a BIG chip on her shoulder?

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carocaro Tue 09-Jun-09 18:36:25

"we are all a playground full of bitches" - so this woman says. But to be honest she has such a chip on her shoulder I can't be bothered with her anymore.

She never replies to play dates, party invites or if a few of us are going out for a drink. Not one word, text, phone call or email.

She is always late into school and a pick up time so no real chance to talk to her. I have spoken to her as have others many times, so I cannot see what he problem is. Her and my DS get on fine.

DS1 is in year 2 and she has always been like this from the get go. She has said this bitches comment to another mum when they had a to do about their kids and an argument.

I feel like asking her what the issue is, but what is the point?!

You keep it up love and isolate yourself as much as you want but don't blame anyone else but yourself!

TheCrackFox Tue 09-Jun-09 18:40:54

I would just leave her to it. You have tried to be friends and she doesn't seem interested. There is not much more than you can do.

donnie Tue 09-Jun-09 18:41:15

I would just say 'speak for yourself' and walk away!

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 09-Jun-09 18:53:00

Message withdrawn

rubyslippers Tue 09-Jun-09 18:56:38

why are you bothered?

just leave it and concentrate on the friends you have

maybe she has some issues which means she doesn't/can't handle play dates ...

she may have depression/demanding job/ a child with health issues - who knows?

Overmydeadbody Tue 09-Jun-09 19:00:39

Why are you bothered?

It's her choice whether or not she is friendly at the school gates, maybe she just doesn't like any of you? She has every right not to you know.

If she wants to keep herself to herself why not just show a little respect and just back off?

DandyLioness Tue 09-Jun-09 19:15:09

Message withdrawn

alfiesmadmother Tue 09-Jun-09 19:17:30

I would say she is probably right and secure enough in herself to live her own life and not be bothered what other mums do with their time.

alisha29 Tue 09-Jun-09 19:20:42

sorry to be blunt but maybe she doesnt like you or your friends is that so hard to understand stop trying so hard with her just leave her to itwink

alisha29 Tue 09-Jun-09 19:24:56

i know some like the op mentions she has problems of her own and cant be bothered with small talk she likes to pick her kids up and leave and has her own circle of friends( not at the school)who she talks too its her choice

mynamewasgone Tue 09-Jun-09 19:36:53

Maybe she doesn't like you, sounds to me like she is trying to avoid you.

Just leave it, she clearly doesn't want to be friends with you

GentlyDidIt Tue 09-Jun-09 19:40:26

Does not wanting to be involved with you and your friends make her a bad person?

Apart from the "bitches" comment she sounds right up my street, actually.

carocaro Tue 09-Jun-09 20:05:02

I have never said she was a bad person, but why ignore EVERYONE and their efforts just to be friendly then call everyone a 'playground of bitches' thats the part I don't get.

She obvioulsy has a problem hence the comment. She can't hate everyone in the whole school?!

There are plenty of other parents who work, like me, and can manage a hello and engage just a little.

Either interact in an normal pleasant manner however you want or shut up about it.

Shame her kids miss out because she acts this way.

rubyslippers Tue 09-Jun-09 20:07:14

not everyone behaves in the same way

that is human nature

you have NO idea about her life and why she may be behaving in the way she does - some empathy may be nice

carocaro Tue 09-Jun-09 20:10:31

FYI - me and many others done the empathy/kind/funny/leave alone/say hello/invite for a coffee/invite sone for tea/to a party card many times and NOTHING. EVER.

And as for the 'she may have a hard life thing' No shit?! we all have big stuff to deal with. That is a no brainer.

GentlyDidIt Tue 09-Jun-09 20:20:28

Can you explain how the bitches thing came up? Did she just say it to you, or someone else? Think a bit of context might help.

FairLadyRantALot Tue 09-Jun-09 20:32:20

hmm...tbh...I don't socialise with people just because we have kids in the same class, etc....that isn't isolating oneself that just means that you eithr have a life outside that environment or that you simply have no common ground...simple...never thought that would be an issue....

I mean I am friendly etc....but....well...I have other friends....

so, do that mum a favour and stop bothering with her...she does not want it anyway...although, looks like the chip is on your shoulder, Op

rubyslippers Tue 09-Jun-09 20:33:05

>> And as for the 'she may have a hard life thing' No shit?! we all have big stuff to deal with. That is a no brainer.

that doesn't make you sound empathetic TBH

the point is you don't KNOW what stuff she is dealing with

have tried to make the same point sevreal times now

alisha29 Tue 09-Jun-09 20:45:00

i think just let her get on with it i agree with fairlady like what i said she has her own friends doesnt want to mix i think you have to face facts that not everybody is going to want to be your friend i had a ex friend that was nice to everbody and wanted to be everbodys friend she looked needy not saying u do but you have tried so leave her bewink

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