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To want to write to the president of DH's company

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Bathsheba Tue 09-Jun-09 17:07:00

DH works for a multinational company.

They have wanted him to work full time in Norway for a while - he worked there for 4 months during the week and then came home at the weekend however they want him to work there for a year with us all moving over for a year.

We really want to do this - fabulous country, wonderful experience for us all, esp our 2 little girls.

However this year long secondment will only happen if they decide to go ahead with some part of the Norway project (lets face it, I have no idea what is going on but as far as I'm aware DH's company has bought something in Norway and they can either go full tilt 100% behind that - when they will need DH for a year to do that - or they will wind it down - when they don't need DH)....

However they just can't seem to decide quickly..!!!

I want to go....but I have my elder DD who starts full time school in August, and I'm 8 weeks pg...I want to know where my daughter will be going to school (I'd rather she didn;t start here and then have to leave but every day this drags on makes it more likely that she'll have to start school here and then leave) - I'd also like to know where I'm having this baby (I need a planned c-section under a general, so a complicated thing to organise etc).

The desicion is now with the company's president - which is good to some extent because its obviously at the highest leve for onsideration and this president is actually really good.....but I think big companies like thisalways forget that they are dealing with people's lives here - I know to him its a purely economic choice and can be delays for monehs and months until the market is right or whatever....but its my children...and me...

I'd never ACTUALLY email the president of the company, but I really really want to ....

Dear Mr President...I'm very hormonal....can you please hurry up and decide...

Love Bathsheba

dawntigga Tue 09-Jun-09 17:55:14

YANBU but don't do it!

We had something similar last year with my dp and Chicago. Turned out to be to expensive but they were going to do all sorts for us we didn't expect and didn't want. Of course they didn't ask us what they could trim off!


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