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to send dd to preschool on my days off

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gingernutlover Tue 09-Jun-09 09:46:38

okay, well I work 3 days a week and dd goes to a day nrusery on these days.

She is becomign very bored and demanding on the days we are at home together and doesnt go to school for another year and a bit yet. Her little friends from the local area go to the local preschool sfor mornings/afternoons as their mums dont work.

She has asked to go to the preschool with them and I do think she would enjoy it, and she would also get a lot out of it.

Would it be a complete cop out on my part to send her to preschool on my days off?

gingernutlover Tue 09-Jun-09 09:48:42

that sounds like i dont enjoy her company on days i ma off work, that isnt the case, I am just thinking she would definatly enjoy the preschool and it would also help to to meet children she will probably go to school with, whereas the day nursery feeds lots of differewnt schools

Nekabu Tue 09-Jun-09 09:50:04

Why on earth would it be a cop out? She wants to go to preschool with her friends. She's showing she's ready to do something extra by getting bored (and showing it!) at home and preschool with her friends sounds ideal. Go for it!

redskyatnight Tue 09-Jun-09 09:50:15

I'm presuming she is 3?

Sounds very sensible to me. She wants to go, so she gets to go and have fun with her friends (and meet other children she may go to school with) and you get a bit of time to yourself to blitz the house or put your feet up depending on preference!

As it's pre-school I'm presuming it is only 2.5 hour sessions anyway, so you and she will still have a fair bit of the day together.

womma Tue 09-Jun-09 09:50:53

That sounds like a good idea for both of you. YAB utterly R!

Lizzylou Tue 09-Jun-09 09:51:14

I think that is a good idea. DS1 went to preschool from age 2yr 9mths 4 days per week (I was a SAHM then) and then 5 days the year before school. It was great as he knew 75% of his reception class.
DS2 is going 4 mornings (including my one day off) from September he will be 3 years and 9mths.

LovelyRitaMeterMaid Tue 09-Jun-09 09:51:40

When I worked 3 days a week, DS went to nursery and also went to pre-school on the other two days. We both enjoyed it smile

Nekabu Tue 09-Jun-09 09:52:44

BTW it didn't sound as though you didn't enjoy her company on the days you're not at work. She has said she wants to go to preschool, you know it would be something she'd enjoy and she'd meet and make friends with children she'll be going to school with, so if anything I'd say you were being a little selfish if you kept her at home with you when it was clear to both of you that she'd be better off at preschool. It's not like you won't have plenty of time to have excited 'and what did you do today' catch-up chats when she comes home from it!

gingernutlover Tue 09-Jun-09 09:56:16


i thought i was being unreasonable at wanting to ship her off to someone else to entertain her LOL, she is bored at home and no matter what I do with her I feel its not enough

readyfornumber2and3 Tue 09-Jun-09 10:08:16

Definately send her

DS loves going to preschool and goes everyday, I have not worked since feb and am 28 weeks pg with twins so those 3 hours each day are my saving grace lol

I can really see a difference in ds when he is on half term and gets bored lol

Plus think of all the lovely pictures she will bring home for home for you smile and the pride they have when telling you about their day is fab!!

DamonBradleylovesPippi Tue 09-Jun-09 10:11:30

Oh yes send her. If it is for a few hours of half a day what's the harm? she'll enjoy, play with friends and you'll have a well deserved break. Then when you are together you can do things you both enjoy. It's hard work playing with your children pretending to be a child.

If you do not send her you'll have to take her to playdates or playgroup and such likes anyway so that she can meet with children.

Best of both worlds IMO.

gingernutlover Tue 09-Jun-09 10:11:42

wow, was expetcing at least 1 unreasonable haha

to be honest, she lets me get on with housework etc while i am here with her, so thats so much of a problem , I just think she is ready for more than being at home

gingernutlover Tue 09-Jun-09 10:12:48

and the problem with playdates and toddler groups is that her little frinds are at preschool LOL

slowreadingprogress Tue 09-Jun-09 10:55:45

well i don't think you're unreasonable but - i dunno - I think long, sometimes lightly boring, days at home with mum are precious and gone all too soon

she doesn't know that, but you do! So I certainly wouldn't think it's bad not to send her even if she's asked.

by the same token, not saying it's bad TO send her; I just think time at home with a parent is precious and never, ever comes again. friends, school, etc; they're there for plenty of years.

LisaD1 Tue 09-Jun-09 11:46:14


I think it would be great for you both, could you just send her for the morning? That's what I would do in your position, then I would get all my houswork/boring jobs/gym etc done while she is there and then when she's at home you can actually spend quality time together. I find somedays that although I am with my DD2 all day it's not always what I would call quality time as I'm busy doing household chores (not all day but still quite a bit). I have actually sent her to nursery today (she's 18 months) so I can blitz the housework and then have a full on fun day tomorrow :-)

Lizzylou Tue 09-Jun-09 14:37:50

My DS's preschool is open for 2.5 hours a day.
It will be good for you too as you will meet the parents of your DD's future classmates. I made some lovely friends due to DS1's time at preschool.

womma Tue 09-Jun-09 14:54:40

Gingernut - is the pre-school free? Does it come under the 'free pre-school places' govt scheme thingy?

LilianGish Tue 09-Jun-09 15:00:33

Not unreasonable at all. Get all your jobs done when she's there (or even God forbid take a bit of time for yourself!!) and then do something fun together when you pick her up. Everyone's a winner.

DamonBradleylovesPippi Tue 09-Jun-09 15:13:40

Liliangish how weird is it that we have all become almost scared to say that sometimes we need, even want time for ourselves...

milou2 Tue 09-Jun-09 15:30:00

If she loves going there, then fantastic.

TaleofTwoCities Tue 09-Jun-09 17:00:31

I agree, and you can always not send her occasionally, like if you fancy a day out together somewhere.

gingernutlover Tue 09-Jun-09 17:17:09

sorry have probably confused,

it is not the same nursery she goes to on my work days, that is a private full time day nursery, i am suggesting sending her to a second nursery (playschool, 2 hours a day, church hall type of thing) I already sue my goverment grant to bring her day nursery bill down but £6 a session twice a week wont break the bank so thats not a problem.

I know time at home with me is precious, we've had nearly 4 years of it.

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