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to think it was wrong for my wife and children to force me to give my cake to the ducks

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daddypig Mon 08-Jun-09 17:09:02

we were on a lovely family picnic when mummy pig saw a wasp that bravely protected her from. I ran and the wasp followed. When i lost the wasp (ha i can run faster) i was looking forward to sitting down and having my strawberry cake but dd decided that i had to give it to the ducks. Mummy pig did not stand up for my rights to eat the cake which makes her just as bad. WWYD?

Poppity Sun 14-Jun-09 23:09:43

I don't know why I know, it's a piece of information that seems to have scarily lodged itself in my head. Whenever something reminds me of it I always shudder with the horror- glad I can share it with you lotgringrin

Just to further revolt you, they can move it without moving iyswim <<boak>>

I only discovered that when google came up with an even worse thing involving a farmer.....

Poor Mummy Pig, personally I think she is entitled to some vengeful behaviourgrin

Kirstoll Fri 02-Nov-12 10:22:27

I was very happy to find this thread... albeit 3 YEARS later :D
Times have moved on obviously.... there is only one miss sister rabbit.... and one mummy rabbit. Because when sister rabbit breaks her ankle for a day, mummy rabbit has to do ALL her jobs (inc supermarket, helicopter, hospital etc) and has a minor rabbit-related breakdown. aaaahhh to settle a three year thought....

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