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To want a NEW hovermower?

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Ripeberry Mon 08-Jun-09 14:03:14

My DH believes in running things into the ground and our old hovermower is over 10yrs old, the bottom of the handle is tied up with nylon ties, the electric flex is fraying and the motor keeps jamming and you have to turn it off and kick the blade to unstick it.
He has taken it apart many times saying it just needed a clean.
Tried to cut the grass just now and it started to smoke and flames came out of it!!
Cut the power and unplugged it and turned the hose on it.
AIBU to want a NEW mower now as this one is well and truly dead?

Ripeberry Mon 08-Jun-09 19:56:31

DH came home, saw the remnants of the mower and we are going to get a new one asap.
Just been taking it apart for recycling, plastic bits in the bin, the rest for scrap metal.

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