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to think that when adults are walking along holding a small childs hand, that they should slow down a bit.

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sunburntats Sat 06-Jun-09 18:33:55

This really bothers me.
I see it all the time, the adult walking at normal pace and the little dot almost running along side them.Little legs going 10 to the dozen.

why dont people slow down a bit, i think that it is cruel.

what if it was the adult bieng dragged along twice as fast as thier legs can go? Not pleasant.

Now if there is a cake shop selling the last cake, i would make an exception and would of course be literally running with a little dot in toe, that is different.

TrinityRhino Sat 06-Jun-09 18:35:40

I didn't realise people did this
I always slow down to a mind numbing totter for the sake of my little hand holder

katiestar Sat 06-Jun-09 18:42:58

But mostly kids love to run- adults mostly don't.

ThePhantomPlopper Sat 06-Jun-09 18:43:37

I do this sometimes. I have to really concentrate on walking slow and sometimes forget.

MrsMattie Sat 06-Jun-09 18:44:55

Christ, no. DS has learned to keep pace. I walk quickly and I don't dilly-dally. Refuse to. I am amazed at people who crawl along the street with a toddling 2 yr old. I am impatient, though, as you can tell.

sunburntats Sat 06-Jun-09 18:46:30

just look at their poor little faces though, they look bewildered and like it is hard work for them to keep up, not like they "love it".

Just look and you will see.

Has no one else ever noticed this or is it just me?

Mercy Sat 06-Jun-09 18:47:35

Thoughtless, maybe in a hurry, or perhaps the child is a dawdler but it can hardly be described as cruel

dittany Sat 06-Jun-09 18:47:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FruitynNutty Sat 06-Jun-09 18:48:11

I have to agree with MrsMattie smile I can't bare a slow walking child. DS has also learned to keep a steady pace.
If I want to get somewhere then I can't dawdle - far too impatient for that. It's even better if he takes his scooter - I try to encourage this as much as possible! grin

sunburntats Sat 06-Jun-09 18:48:47

I dont dilly dally, havent got time, but try to walk at a pace that is comfortable for the little one.

Remember taking FOREVER to get round the block on desperate days when i HAD to get out for half an hour (Or jump out of a top floor window) when ds was little, every piece of dig shit and paper and chewing gum was of interest to him.....

psychomum5 Sat 06-Jun-09 18:50:06

this is why mine stayed in buggies for so long, as I am a very speedy walker, and hate having to slow down for toddlers.

that said, my children are super slow even now............I still get riled, so maybe I am abnormalhmmblush!

PinkTulips Sat 06-Jun-09 18:50:36

depends, if we're late because dd or ds1 has been walking so mind numbingly slowly and stopping to look at every pebble then ocasionally i have to grab their hand and move quickly

also, if i've had it announced to me in a shopping centre 'mummeeeee, i neeeed tooooo peeeee!' i tend to grab their hand a haul as they'll walk slowly and happily wet themselves whearas i'd prefer to make it to the toilets on time.

normaill though i go slow enough... my mother dirves me mad, she just walks, doesn't even hole their hand or notice if they've fallen behind angry and she wonders why i refuse to let her bring them for walks!

sunburntats Sat 06-Jun-09 18:51:11

yes scooters are good, we get to places on scooters allot.

just me then????

Morloth Sat 06-Jun-09 18:52:37

hah, sometimes I have to semi jog to keep up with DS.

We all move pretty fast, DS learned early on that if he wanted to walk then he needed to MOVE.

PinkTulips Sat 06-Jun-09 18:53:13

'normally though i go slow enough... my mother drives me mad, she just walks, doesn't even hold their hands or notice if they've fallen behind'


MrsMattie Sat 06-Jun-09 18:55:18

DS is well able to keep up with me. I am a cruel mum, I guess. I used to put him in a buggy at the age of three because I couldn't bear doing the nursery run/shopping etc with him dawdling along. Doesn't seem to have adversely affected him. Maybe it's even benefited him. He is 4 yrs old and has just done a 1K race for life grin

Nancy66 Sat 06-Jun-09 18:57:45

YANBU I notice this too and it makes me really upset. I think it's really cruel - if you don't want to slow down then put the kid in a buggy.
also hate it when parents hold the kids hand and pull the child's arm up - must be so uncomfortable for poor mite.

sunburntats Sat 06-Jun-09 18:59:19

THANKYOU Nancy!! You know what i mean dont you!!!!!

Nancy66 Sat 06-Jun-09 19:01:18

it's the equivilent of you or I walking alongside some marching 10 foot giant and trying frantically to keep up because they won't slow down.

sunburntats Sat 06-Jun-09 19:02:53

it is!
I dont know what it is, but i just see it every where on a daily basis,

SoupDragon Sat 06-Jun-09 19:05:06

It's not cruel.

sunburntats Sat 06-Jun-09 19:06:55

it is cruel, i accept that its unintentional, but it is. Cant think of any other description for it.

SoupDragon Sat 06-Jun-09 19:07:31

Cruel is beating your child or locking them under the stairs.

sunburntats Sat 06-Jun-09 19:08:28

different interpretations i suppose.

Nancy66 Sat 06-Jun-09 19:09:05

mean and thoughtless then.

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