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to dread a Conservative govenment?

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tryingtobemarypoppins Fri 05-Jun-09 20:10:32

As a teacher and mother I feel I should dread Conservatives getting in.....

Thunderduck Fri 05-Jun-09 20:11:44

YANBU.You should.

Why? what do you think they are going to do? genuinely interested.

HumphreyCobbler Fri 05-Jun-09 20:13:56

well I don't dread it at all

but you are as entitled to your view as I am to mine


tryingtobemarypoppins Fri 05-Jun-09 20:14:42

ummmmmm I have memories of mum and dad bragging me on miners marches, high unemploymemt, poorly funded schools and hospitals, rich gits and poor families........

LaurieFairyCake Fri 05-Jun-09 20:16:45

yanbu, it will be unutterably dreadful.

hf128219 Fri 05-Jun-09 20:16:49

That sounds a bit like the current government....

ok that's memories, why are you dreading the conservatives now from getting in since during the time of labour the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

swiftyknickers Fri 05-Jun-09 20:18:31

oh don't as a woman,a mother and a working mother at that I am dreading it...

Thank fuck i'm only skint not really really poor

be very afraid.

Overmydeadbody Fri 05-Jun-09 20:19:38

Well why are you dreading them getting in now? It can't get much worse really.

Noonki Fri 05-Jun-09 20:20:32

yanbu...the it can't really happen again can it shock

I was kind of hoping that it was all really old people whoe use to vote tory and that perhaps they had died off grin

Overmydeadbody Fri 05-Jun-09 20:20:37

why swifty? Why be afraid?

badgermonkey Fri 05-Jun-09 20:20:51

As a teacher, I am very worried about what the Tories will do to education - very worried indeed. And let's not forget that our pension scheme is subject to the whims of government, as well, whether you've been paying in for years or not. That'll be changed beyond recognition in an attempt to cut public spending.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Fri 05-Jun-09 20:21:09

I dread it too. But it's inevitable now. OMDB it can get worse and it will.

Tinker Fri 05-Jun-09 20:21:36

If you use or work in public services, be very worried

MrsMattie Fri 05-Jun-09 20:22:08

I dread it, too. I will cry if it happens. I don't for a single minute buy this softly-softly centre-ish approach. Give them a few years and it will be Thatcherite hardline Tory-ism all over again. Guarantee you.

southeastastra Fri 05-Jun-09 20:22:34

it always seems the same to me

HumphreyCobbler Fri 05-Jun-09 20:23:25

It was Gordon Brown who buggered up the pension scheme badgermonkey.

tryingtobemarypoppins Fri 05-Jun-09 20:23:34

"It can't get much worse really"
Overmydeadbody that doesn't sound like a reason to vote for them!

Libras explain why you think it will be a good thing....

swiftyknickers Fri 05-Jun-09 20:24:07

because they will cut everything, education, public services, maternity rights,sure start will go...

AbricotsSecs Fri 05-Jun-09 20:25:33

Message withdrawn

badgermonkey Fri 05-Jun-09 20:25:53

Gordon Brown has changed the pension scheme already, yes, but it's nothing to what will happen if the Conservatives get their hands on them.

tryingtobemarypoppins Fri 05-Jun-09 20:25:59

Humphreycobbler the teachers pay scheme is second to none.

FairLadyRantALot Fri 05-Jun-09 20:26:38

Hm...what was so different under Tory government....
I mean, I have lived in this country for 13 years now...and well, the first few years I didn't really take much notice of things, can't really comment on the changes, and haven't really considered what it would mean to change from labour to tory, iykwim....
so, what could happen?

ProfYaffle Fri 05-Jun-09 20:26:42

Totally agree swifty, I predict huge cuts in public spending, cuts in eduction, health, tax credits will go, funded nursery places will go .....

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