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to keep the £10 I found in the Post Office today

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SarfEast Fri 05-Jun-09 11:02:01

I went into our local PO to post some birthday presents, and on the stack of fizzy drink cans in front of the counter i saw a tenner. I quickly plonked some parcels on top of it with a view to picking it up as I left. A woman came into the shop and asked if anyone had seen her keys which she had misplaced and moved my parcels. She saw the £10 and said is that yours - yes i replied a little too quickly. She then left, I pocketed the cash and came home. I now feel really bad, because I lied to that woman as it wasn't mine, and I also should have handed it in to the post office man.
Maybe it was part of someone's pension...

Should I take it back or keep it...

gerontius Fri 05-Jun-09 11:03:53

What if the money had been hers?
Or the PO's?
Or, as you you say, part of someone's pension?
Take it back.

mamadiva Fri 05-Jun-09 11:05:34

I would keep it now there is no way to give it back without looking a nob!

Just don't do it again.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Fri 05-Jun-09 11:06:14

You know you're going to get flamed don't you?

Take it back.

crokky Fri 05-Jun-09 11:07:04

You can't really take it back now.

But as mamadiva says, don't do it again - taking something that is not yours is called stealing!

nickschick Fri 05-Jun-09 11:07:51

You are definitely BU..... in a street perhaps a different story but in the post office where people who are on a small pensipn or on benefit or even paying bills £10 can make all the difference to life.

My ds2 is more honest than you!!

he found £20 in our P.O and before he told me he handed it in and got a receipt -after a few weeks no-one claimed that money and he was allowed to go and get it ....

3 days later we got a call to go back to the P.O ds2 was quite worried thinking the real owner of the £20 had come back actual fact the P.O staff had had a whipround and had another £20 for him for being honest.

triggerhappybaby Fri 05-Jun-09 11:08:50

This is the sort of thing that would still be keeping me awake in 20 years time. Take it back!! smile

KingCanuteIAm Fri 05-Jun-09 11:08:59

People go to the PO to pick up their £30 or whatever it is they have to live on for a week. Assuming you do not have to live on that amount too you are being very selfish to worry about losing face over and above someones need to eat!

It is quite possible that it was left their by a wealthy chap who will not even miss it but it is also possible that it belonged to somone who actually needs it. Take it back, look sheepish, don't do it again.

IcantbelieveImForty Fri 05-Jun-09 11:09:23

of course she can take it back - say you're very sorry & when you got home you realised you put your £10 in your purse so it must have been hers.

Don't keep it, that's rotten & you know it. I took £10 out of the cashpoint & left it in the machine, walked away. Then I realised, went back & someone whipped it.

Tamarto Fri 05-Jun-09 11:09:30

Why can't she take it back now? hmm

Nickschick, what a lovely boy you have there, how old was he when he found it, out of interest?

callalilies Fri 05-Jun-09 11:10:10

Of course you should take it back! Can't believe you actively, deliberately hid it so you could take it...shock

Tamarto Fri 05-Jun-09 11:10:25

Did you see tham take it Icant? Money does get sucked back into them after so long too.

Turbomouth Fri 05-Jun-09 11:11:05

Oi that's mineshock

mamadiva Fri 05-Jun-09 11:11:13

There is nothing you could say when giving it back without sounding a pillock, if it were me I'd go find a worthy charity and give it to them.

VelvetCushions Fri 05-Jun-09 11:11:40

Take it back.
You obviously feel bad about it, it will only eat away at you smile

SarfEast Fri 05-Jun-09 11:11:49

It was just lying there and no-one was there, the shop was empty apart from me and the man behind the counter.
I can take it back, I don't mind looking like a knob at all.

SarfEast Fri 05-Jun-09 11:13:29

OK, you've made my mind up for me...

Galava Fri 05-Jun-09 11:14:03

I was going to say are you 7 ?

but then saw that small children do not always behave like that (whay a lovely boy you have Nibschick and what a lovely PO you have. Mine are a right grumpy lot !

To the OP, I would phone the PO and explain you must have picked it up in your shopping by mistake and that you will return it on your next visit.

KingCanuteIAm Fri 05-Jun-09 11:17:29

If you don't mind looking silly take it back and feel good that you made the right choice - a delayed good decision is very nearly as good as a prompt one smile

nickschick Fri 05-Jun-09 11:24:53

He was 9 smile Id not even seen him find it or hand it in I was in the queue and he was looking at the forms and stuff-the irony of it was that he was saving up for a ps2 game and was £13 short so to give it in was very honest of him.

When he got the money back he split it with no hesitation or persuasion with his older brother ds1.

qwertpoiuy Fri 05-Jun-09 11:35:41

Even if I found money on the street, I just couldn't keep it. It has happened to me a few times and I've always handed it in to the nearest shop, or if not found then to my parish priest.

OP, do you you feel is right.

Aw, Nichshick, what a lovely son you have!

qwertpoiuy Fri 05-Jun-09 11:37:33

I meant to write "claimed" not "found", before handing to Parish priest!!!

Tamarto Fri 05-Jun-09 11:37:35

Bless him that is lovely.

notsoteenagemum Fri 05-Jun-09 11:44:17

Op take it back, say you thought you'd dropped it but found your tenner in your bag or something.
My mum once found £10,000 rolled up outside a bank, two days after my Dad had been made redundant, it would've paid off their mortgage (in the 80's). She handed it in and got a £500 reward.

SarfEast Fri 05-Jun-09 11:45:06

I have just taken it back now, the PO man said he can check the cctv to find out who dropped it and then get it back them, which is great, I hadn't realised they could do that.
I fully admit that I did do a bad thing in picking it up, not sure what came over me!
Thanks for your replies

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