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to moan about missing work when my OH isn't enjoying his job?

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supagirl Fri 05-Jun-09 10:19:59

Dp and I have 4 kids between us. We had pretty much decided that at the end of my mat leave I would return to my full time job and dp would have some time at home with the kids - long story but he has had to change jobs for a number of reasons and isn't really enjoying or feeling challenged by his current role.

Anyhow, we then discovered I was unexpextedly pg. I knew I would be unable to terminate so we decided to continue with the pg and are now 5 months in. This was a blow to us both as I was looking forward to the challenge of work and he was looking forward to being at home BUT we have dealt with it and are now excited about the new LO (prob me more so than him).

However I am really missing work. I love my Lo's dearly but sometimes I feel I have nothing to talk about but them and I miss the challenge and stimulation. At the moment my adult conversation revolves around what dd has eaten, the contents of her nappy and whether or not I am happy with the policies of the school! Ok - it's not THAT bad but you see my point?!

Anyhow, yesterday I told dp how I was feeling - not for a solution necessarily, just to get it off my chest really. He had had a tough day at work and was feeling fed up with being there and while he said he understood, I got the impression he feels I should be grateful for the opportunity to be with the kids - an opportunity he would love to have but can't right now. I know I AM lucky and mostly I am fine, but sometimes I get down about it and just want to chat it through.

so, AIBU to discuss it with him? Should I just deal with it and keep it to myself? I feel like a bit of a cow today for mentioning it........


mumblechum Fri 05-Jun-09 10:25:42

Well, YANBU to discuss it with him, but maybe the focus should be on when you do get back to work. If your baby's due in 4 months, will you be going back after a few months? If so, then your dh won't have toput up with his job for all that much longer.

supagirl Fri 05-Jun-09 10:29:06


Yes, we have spoken about me going back next spring already, so on the whole I am focusing on really enjoying this time with the kids until then but sometimes I just feel a bit low and want to talk about it iyswim?


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